Amidst the Pandemic, Learn About Fantasy Football from Fantasy Sports pro, Alvin Zeidenfeld


The US is almost pushing a good two months of staying at home under the varying quarantine orders of each state. With not much else left to do besides work, sleep, eat and watch TV, many people have taken this time to brush up on skills and hobbies they are passionate about. DFS Fantasy Football is no exception. People passionate about the sport are strengthening their game and preparing for a great season ahead. Just ask fantasy sports pro Alvin Zeidenfeld, who has been sharing his tips and tricks during this lockdown time.

A​lvin Zeidenfeld is a well-known journalist, high-stakes DFS player, and podcaster whose wins include some of the biggest tournaments in the world, including DraftKings two-week NFL “Millionaire Maker” contest. Previously, a tournament poker player Alvin not only knows how to play the game, but he knows how to win and win big. The game is all about numbers and stats, and Alvin knows that playing them to your best advantage is critical.

Even with huge wins under his belt Alvin doesn’t consider himself a professional. “I don’t know how to classify myself,” he says. “There are people who do this for a living, that pay their bills with DFS, and there are people that play as hobbyists. I am a very involved hobbyist,” explains Alvin. Co-host of The Edge, a podcast produced by DraftKings, Alvin provides insights to his audience that they cannot get anywhere else.

Alvin is classified as a “pro,” meaning he is so good at fantasy sports he is paid to endorse DraftKings. “It’s a combination of understanding sports alongside math and numbers,” he explains. “Fantasy sports is about detail and commitment, and as an independent ambassador, I am in a unique position to share my tips and expertise with the DFS community.” Alvin not only enjoys garnering big wins for himself but also enjoys sharing his insight within his community, helping everyone level up their game.

Quarantined and looking to level up your fantasy drafts this year? You can listen to Alvin on Draftkings’ The Edge podcast or follow him on Instagram @alzeidenfeld, where he actively shares insights into the sport and little glimpses of his daily life. As we begin to see a lift in the quarantines nationwide, check out Alvin Zeidenfeld and don’t go into this year’s NFL season unprepared.

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