Rock Smashed Window – Vandalism Upsets Homeowners

Vandalism in Penhold Neighbourhood - Image courtesy of NNL Newshawk
Vandalism in Penfold Neighbourhood - Image courtesy of NNL Newshawk

THUNDER BAY – Residents in the Penfold neighbourhood of Thunder Bay say that groups of youth on bicycles are committing vandalism in the area. On Saturday afternoon, a resident reports that they heard a bang while sitting in their backyard.

The homeowner reports, “Kids this afternoon threw a rock at our window. We heard a noise in the backyard. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. When w came into the house. We saw a big hole in a window’s outside pane.”

“Thank god it didn’t shatter. Word to neighbours is watching for the kids riding bikes together. We had seen six or seven of them just before the bang.” 

Property crimes in Thunder Bay are a serious issue. Parents are asked to keep an eye