The Worldwide Digital Marketing “Client Takeover Program” by Danny Tran

Danny Tran

Digital Marketing expert Danny Tran has come a long way since he started a few years ago. From being dead broke with just $14 to his name, he started a company and earned over a million dollars in just 18 months. This entrepreneur has lived out an entire success story in no time at all.

Danny Tran is well known in the industry for his digital marketing success. With the help of his team, his company rose up to become one of the best digital marketing agencies today.

Danny’s story started in Silicon Valley where the company he was working for went bankrupt and left him jobless. This was when Danny used all the skills he had gained to start ecommerce brands. He had digital marketing knowledge and knew how scale lean businesses. However, 9 out of his 10 projects brands failed.

Luckily, one brand struck gold and went on to raise over $100,000 on Kickstarter. Despite this success, the company faced legal issues and was bankrupt in a matter of days. This was when the young entrepreneur and his team came up with Highstoke Media, a digital marketing company that would soon change the game.

Since then, Danny Tran and his team went on to take Highstoke Media to new heights. At the age of 26, Danny scaled the company from zero to over a million dollars in revenue in just 18 months.

The company invests heavily in innovation and on its clients. Over the last year, the company has invested north of a million dollars on their clients and have the results to show their success.

Various brands doubled their business shortly after partnering with Highstoke Media and some have even scaled up to becoming multiple seven-figure businesses.

Moreover, the company has made it a mission to help everyone around the world establish a significant digital presence to the greatest possible extent. Their new Client Takeover Program has taught various aspiring young entrepreneurs the key features of digital marketing and Danny Tran himself has mentored various students from over 15 countries. Danny has even established a Digital Entrepreneur Community that has over 12,000 active members and scholarships given to students globally.

Danny believes that it is their duty to give back to the people as much as they can. He has made it a point to share the latest strategies and teach the fundamentals of scaling online businesses.

Over the years, he’s played the role of a digital nomad travelling the world to help businesses and establishing Highstoke Media’s presence everywhere. His success story goes to speak great lengths about how one can free themselves from the constraints of your everyday 9-5 job.

With prowess and planning, it is possible to achieve your dreams. For Danny Tran, the best thing that he did was take action on his ideas. Danny recommends that everyone should do so as well. The only thing separating a person from their dreams is taking action and moving forward towards whatever they want to achieve.

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