The Rise of Entrepreneur Aditya Belnekar and His Success in the Digital Market


Digital entrepreneur the versatile the phrase us the dynamic it’s insights are. Business and finance are really vigorous as it goes on infinite. It’s a loop that takes a robust turn multiple times in a single business hour which is actually phenomenal. But grabbing all such phenomena’s of business Aditya Belnekar progressed as the young 23-year-old entrepreneur, Digital marketing expert, artist, software developer, and prominently the President of the South Mumbai Crime Prevention Department. His digital marketing agency named  “TEAMWIZARDMEDIA” is the country’s leading marketing agency in the digital realm.

On a talk with Aditya, he unfolds many least known standpoints in this niche. Firstly, he told me what exactly Digital Marketing is? He says that basically, Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other tunnels to reach customers. Some marketing experts contemplate digital transactions to be a completely new undertaking that requires a new way of moving toward customers and new ways of awareness of how consumers behave compared to traditional commerce.

When we ask him about the vitality and scope of digital marketing then he believes that talking in the context of today’s era then digital marketing is the only vital source apart from all conventional techniques it gives a boost to the brand by leveraging it to the next level. Digital marketing has exploded over the past few years, with 88 percent of companies using social media as a primary advertising tactic. Digital marketing trends continue to evolve each year as more companies enter the space and new technologies are born.

When we asked him about the trend of influencers and especially social media influencers then what basic significance works behind. He says that marketers in all regions are pertaining to social media influencers to help strengthen their names. This is substantiating to be a beneficial digital marketing technique, greatly because consumers tend to understand other consumers rather than the actual firms advertising their commodities. Anticipate more firms in 2020 and beyond to utilize these influencers to steer sales.

Though he is being one of those social media influencers who are making an evolution to the digital age. After gaining immense proficiency in the digital vicinity he is assisting others who wanted to learn such skills. He has a strong team of several young talented people with the same mindset and curiosity which is not only helping him to boost with his Cyber Mogul endeavour but also with approaching services that assist him to drive more customers to his arena.

Leaving a big impact on others he is setting the benchmark for numerous by representing his job and importantly the young mind, young blood, young ideas notion always work for him. His leadership and out of the box ideology made him a man of values and skills. Which he is using persistently to improve himself and leverage his work daily. This, proving out to be the youngest and most strenuous digital entrepreneur from Mumbai, India.

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