Beauty Influencer Melina Taj Shares Makeup Tutorials and Homemade Masks to Help Lift Spirits during COVID-19


The deadly Coronavirus has left the world devastated. Every day more and more people are contracting the infection, and many have already lost their lives. The only way to save us from this pandemic is social distancing and quarantining. Most of the countries have observed a lockdown to control the virus from rapidly spreading. This has led to a change in lifestyle of the people at large, through precautionary steps like repeated washing of hands, wearing a face mask, taking hot showers, avoiding handshakes and maintaining a social distance. In the wake of the above, it is not feasible to visit beauty parlours, and hence home remedies are the best option for beauty care.

Melina Taj, a promising beauty influencer from Iran has helped rejuvenate many, with her unique DIY beauty tips during this pandemic crisis. On her Instagram and YouTube channel, one can find a range of self-help tutorials for making homemade masks, using simple and natural make-ups, home remedies, and secret recipes for revitalizing hair and skin. Melina is offering natural and homemade alternatives for cosmetic applications, and self-help techniques for styling and nurturing oneself. All her remedies are free of toxins and chemicals, assuring no side-effects. Melina, values each and every follower of hers on social media, and individually responds to their queries. She has developed a personal connection with most of them and caters to their needs and aspirations. Over 1.4 million followers on Instagram is a testimony of the positive outcome experienced by people on following her tips.

Melina has always been passionate about makeup and styling, right from a young age. After graduating from college, she chose to pursue it as a career and ended up being a beauty influencer. Since 2018, she has been a sensation on social media, with her awe-inspiring pictures and path-breaking beauty solutions. Melina has been invited to several international forums on beauty marketing and even received an honorary degree in makeup from a French Institute. Among her other accomplishments, include shooting for an Ad Commercial for Dafy Wet Wipes and making a short appearance in a popular TV series. Moreover, popular brands like Swarovski, Nars, Bobbi Brown have endorsed her as their brand ambassador.

Melina is undoubtedly a beauty icon for millions, worldwide. This is more so from the way she emerged as an epitome of self-help beauty care, during the lockdown. Her growing followers on social media, speak of her iconic reputation.

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