How Gambling is Changing in Canada

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Gambling has a long and varied history in Canada. Evidence that ‘games of chance’ were being played in the country has been traced all the way back to when settlers arrived in the 1400s – and ever since then, the pastime has been subject to changing regulations, tastes, and trends.

In the late 1800s, all forms of gambling were banned. But less than 50 years later, horseracing, bingo, raffles, and even gambling events at fairs had all been legalized by the government. Fast-forward to the year 2001, and Canada was home to more than 31,000 slot machines and 32,000 lottery ticket centres.

Thanks to the rise of online casinos such as Royal Panda and new technologies, the thrill of gambling is now more accessible than ever before. But in a country that has seen so much change, what does the future hold?

This article will explore how gambling is changing in Canada. From regulations to virtualization, these are the changes we can expect to see in the years to come.

The introduction of laws to govern online casinos

All over the world, online casinos are proving notoriously difficult to govern. In Canada, this task is left up to individual provinces, with some choosing to ban the entertainment altogether and others opting to embrace it. This is partly because it’s far easier to regulate reputable services, which can be taxed than run the risk of offshore casinos illegally targeting players in Canada.

So far, provinces including Alberta, British Colombia, Ontario, and Quebec have all chosen to regulate the iGaming industry as opposed to shutting it down completely. By launching their own online gambling sites, some have even been able to provide an alternative to the thousands of illegal casinos that operate on the black market.

Canada enjoys a reputation for being extremely liberal when it comes to gambling – and in the coming years, it’s likely that this reputation will be upheld as more and more provinces choose to embrace the popularity of online casinos.

Increasing virtualization and live dealer casinos

They might be more difficult to regulate than their traditional land-based alternatives, but online casinos definitely aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they’re set to become more popular than ever.

Not only are online casinos more convenient for gamblers, but they also offer a much savvier business model. Virtual casinos have a far greater capacity, can offer more games, and can target more people – without having to hire additional staff.

That doesn’t mean that gamblers will be missing out on authenticity. With the rise of live dealer casinos, gamblers can now get the Las Vegas experience from the comfort of their own homes.

These interactive games can include features such as live chat and audio settings, which enable players to talk to the dealer (and each other) during play. This adds a welcome social element to the world of iGaming – something that’s only going to become more popular as technology finds new ways of closing the gap between online and offline experiences.

The gambling industry in Canada has changed enormously over the last few centuries. And with the sector rapidly adapting to deal with technological and regulatory developments, it’s clear that another exciting time awaits.  

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