Marcus Powlowski MP – Working for Solutions for Northwestern Ontario Problems


THUNDER BAY – Marcus Powlowski, the Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP has been busy through the past weeks.

Powlowski is a different kind of politician, his approach is more getting to the solution rather than dancing in the political circle. Powlowski in an interview with NetNewsLedger says that while times are challenging that for an MP it is work, but that politicians are perhaps more fortunate than many, their paychecks keep coming.

He says that much of the work can be done by the Internet.

Comparing his former jobs as an emergency room physician, being an MP is easier.

Powlowski has continued his practice of reaching across the political lines, bringing together members of the Conservatives and New Democrats together, especially on the issue of the tourism industry.

The issue of transportation across the North has also been one of Powlowski’s targets as constituents approach him on the issue of intercommunity buses.

In a wide-ranging discussion, including the news that the Thunder Bay Bombardier plant is now in full production of ventilators gives a solid insight into the news you need to know.