Success Mantra: Have guts to follow your passion says digital entrepreneur Kartik Dhami


Do you have a passion or dream that doesn’t fit into a regular career choice? Are you skeptical about following an offbeat career? Then please read what a 19-year-old successful digital entrepreneur Kartik Dhami has to say about it.

Kartik who had to go through the same dilemma sometime back says “There is nothing wrong in following your passion if you are serious about it, but you have to be well prepared if you are planning to opt for an Offbeat profession. One must get proper training and should be ready to work hard in this situation.”

Kartik Dhami was just 12 years old when he realized that he is passionate about social media and digital marketing. His interest in social media platforms was more than normal children of his age. He wanted to know how it actually works. In the same year, he learned about digital marketing through some of his seniors which caught his attention. He was just 13 when he launched his first web site where he uploaded viral content to the internet. The website became really popular. Alongside he started learning about digital marketing in depth. He acquired lots of knowledge through the internet and by implementing practically.

When he entered college he got a like-minded friend with whom he started his first digital marketing agency. But they could not continue due to the pressure of studies and logistical issues. Later Kartik Dhami convinced his parents that he wanted to drop out of college to start his own business. His parents agreed unwillingly. That is when he founded his digital marketing agency.

In his agency Kartik works with his team of capable personnel, they all have one thing in common ‘ their passion’ for digital marketing.

His Agency is renowned to provide cutting edge digital marketing solutions to small and midsize organizations, who look for impressive yet cost-effective digital marketing solutions. Be it Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud or any other social media platforms, they have tailor-made solutions for all their clients and their approach is totally customer-centric. His agency is one of the leady digital marketing agencies, and the credit of this goes to Kartik Dhami.

We must acknowledge that taking a business to this level of success at such a young age is indeed incredible. Kartik Dhami has been truly able to convert his passion into a profitable profession

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