“Technology is Transforming Fitness and Nutrition as We Know it,” says Lifestyle Influencer, Meeta Vengapally


If there is a struggle any new mother faces following a pregnancy is getting back into shape and Meeta Vengapally knows this struggle all too well. As a new mother herself throughout her graduate school program, soon after, Meeta found herself with the challenging task of putting together a fitness plan that accommodates her needs.

Although, at first overwhelming, she discovered CrossFit and was able to exceed her fitness and nutritional goals. It was not easy; however, she was dedicated. Throughout her journey, she connected with athletes and trainers understanding the full process between what is made in the kitchen and what is made in the gym. She found one aspect particularly frustrating and downright annoying — tracking her fitness progress manually and spending too much time deciding which nutritional plan would meet her overall goals.

“Tracking everything from food intake to workout regimens manually on a pen and paper was just frustrating. There had to be a more efficient way,” Meeta claimed. “It is just not right.”

Her own experience and frustration led to the idea and founding of Garnysh, a technological platform that utilizes a machine-learning algorithm designed to analyze user input and their fitness goals, measuring their macros (i.e. protein, carbs, fats), and analyzing that data to create the proper nutritional plan to accommodate those goals.

“Finding the right type of nutritional meal plan, as I had experienced, could be such an overwhelming process because of all the types diets out there, and this could easily cause many to give up even before they start,” Meeta explained. “I want to change that”.

Her mission is to simplify the fitness and nutrition process so that it is convenient, accessible and empowering users in the process to improve overall well-being. What makes Garnysh so special is not only its comprehensive platform on the fitness front but its partnerships with local verified healthy eateries in creating customized nutritional plans to supplement each users’ respective fitness goals. The eateries are all vetted, verified and approved all on Garnysh’s platform. Subscribers could make additional adjustments tailoring their suggested meal plans towards specialty diets such as vegan, vegetarian and paleo abiding by the macro restrictions.

Garnysh is quickly making strides having been founded less than a year ago and already cash-flow positive. “When we take charge over our health, it is such an empowering feeling and we want to be the ‘go-to, all-in-one’ platform that covers all bases, guiding each user through their fitness journey,” Meeta stated. Building that community among fitness, training and food enthusiasts and developing that connection with users to improve overall well-being is the ultimate vision Meeta strives for and reinforces into Garnysh every single day.

With great reason too, having gained her graduate degree in Psychology with a special emphasis on mental health — she understands that maintaining a healthier lifestyle improves overall well-being especially more so in developing a positive, healthier mental frame. She credits not only her firsthand experiences but her educational background in being able to direct Garnysh to understand its end-user on an in-depth level propelling its growth.

Garnysh is currently based in the Silicon Valley area with less than 10 employees, and excitement about the company is rapidly spreading its database quickly growing. The platform is currently in beta testing mode within the Valley and a full release expected in the very near future. Meeta has been featured by ForbesSmart Hustle as well as an upcoming special feature on Entrepreneur Media.

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