Lifestyle influencer Ami Desai Discusses the Challenges of Surviving a Pandemic While Expecting a Child


The deadly outbreak of the novel coronavirus is believed to be one of the worst pandemics humanity has ever faced in a century. A lot is being said about the effects of coronavirus on people, old and young alike, but not much has been discussed or explored about women who are pregnant. Countless pregnant women, including celebrities, are at high risk for the coronavirus and are facing a challenge due to the pandemic. This is a time when mothers not only have to prioritize their own health but also of the child growing within them. Indo-American Beauty & Lifestyle Expert and celebrity makeup artist, Ami Desai, shares how her cravings have now taken a back seat for her own safety, and that there are plenty of unknowns when it comes to pregnancy and COVID-19.

As a mother of two, Desai says there wasn’t a pandemic in the earlier years to contend with, and now, it is only for prenatal exams and doctor’s visits that she’s allowed to venture out. “I have the same fears as any other pregnant woman would have,” she shared. “Anything can happen. But what bothers me the most is the fact that I have an unborn baby with no immunity. Some apps are enabling pregnant women to connect and meet remotely, which is proving to offer great comfort and support. Besides, maternity service providers at hospitals are working day and night to ensure patients get safe and good care.”

Desai, who’s also a content creator with a robust virtual base, believes that staying optimistic, positive, and joyous through this tough time will help in passing the days smoothly. As someone with strong social skills, she often finds herself cut off from friends & family and isolated from a few perinatal support resources. But by using technology to keep in touch, along with the internet, phone, and social media, she has been able to deal with the hardships to a great extent.

This was not the pregnancy she’d imagine a few months ago, but with the pandemic spreading across the world, it’s the safety of her child that she’s most concerned about, shares Desai. While there still are a few months left before her due date arrives, she only hopes that by then, the scenario will have improved.

Meanwhile, owing to having ample ‘me’ time in the current situation, Desai indulges herself with short sessions of meditation, which, she believes, helps her in keeping calm and stress-free. On a day to day basis, she devotes a few hours to reading self-help and religious books that act as a tonic for the soul.

“It’s an unsettling time, I agree. But I’m also certain that this pandemic will change the world’s view on pregnancy and parenthood, for good,” she added. By following instructions given by the experts and taking more precautions than usual, Desai hopes to navigate her way through the pregnancy and the pandemic successfully!

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