Why you should be playing Bingo online


The advent of the internet and smart devices have changed many things, from how we entertain ourselves, to how we play games. One of the games which have seen a shift from physical locations to the online sphere is bingo.

Online bingo is an addictive and very popular game. Considered a mild form of betting or gambling, bingo was being played as far back as the fourteenth century in Germany. Bingo was confined to the bingo halls and community centers in the past and was considered solely the province of retirees. Online bingo has introduced a new generation to this old game. If you are a seasoned bingo player but haven’t ventured onto the online bingo sites, read on to know why you should be playing online.

Main advantages

  • Play anytime

Online Bingo has so many advantages that once you start to play bingo games online, you may start giving the bingo hall games a miss. One of the main advantages is that the online bingo community is vast. This global community guarantees that you will be able to find some like-minded people to play bingo with at any time of the day or night.

  • Choose the type of game you want to play

While bingo halls only run one type of game at a time, online bingo allows you to choose from a variety of options. Choose the pattern for the next play or switch from 75 ball to 90 ball easily. As well as bingo, online bingo sites also allow you to play other games.

  • Play in the comfort of your home

If you are a bingo player who loves the game but not the smoke heavy atmosphere of the bingo halls, or if you are the only smoker in a smoke-free hall then playing online is the most comfortable option for you.

  • The Auto Daubing

The bingo sites have an auto dabber feature which is a lifesaver for the absent-minded among us. You can even chat easily with your fellow players while secure in the knowledge that the auto dauber feature will mark the numbers for you. You can also easily play a lot more cards than you can usually handle with the auto dauber feature.

Find your online bingo family

The online bingo sites have vibrant chat rooms where you can discover your online family who share your hobby. Not only that, but you can also chat during games, which is just not possible during a busy bingo game in a hall.

However, if you are there just for the game, you can play quietly without any intrusive chatter to disturb you when playing online. A private chat feature is usually available which allows you to communicate with specific players in confidence.

How to play bingo online

Online bingo games are played just like the bingo games you are familiar with from the bingo halls. Once you start playing you will have a small pop up window which shows your card faces, the current number and a tote board of the previous numbers. You will also see the list of people who are currently playing as well as a chat option where you can communicate with the other players between or even during games. Many bingo sites will also feature community news, pictures or comments. Upcoming tournaments or events will also be listed.

As with any other online game, bingo will require a reliable internet connection and access to a device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. Problems may occur during playing due to a slow internet connection. Moreover, heavy internet traffic can mean that a player gets disconnected or cut off in the middle of a game. However, with a strong connection, you should find it fairly easy to start playing.


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