Musical Mixes by Kid Dubaii aka Dread Marley Every Hip-Hop Fan Must Listen on Soundcloud


Dread Marley has released some back-to-back new songs in Soundcloud. This artist has developed an in-depth knowledge and skill in various genres. The flexible voice of Dread Marley has created a craze amongst the fans and followers. He has contributed to a wide range of music genres such as pop, hip hop, rap and trap and more. Amazing word playing ability has made this artist famous in the music industry. He likes to play with different forms of music. Pop encourages drum beats along with the use of a synthesizer. Dread Marley starts his music with a minimal kick drum that includes sound, a bass note and a versatile voice.

Fans of Dread Marley expect this singer to get the top position in Soundcloud. Being a music enthusiast, if you wish to experience some fresh beats, then Dread Marley is the perfect choice for you. His music includes a fusion of drum, rhythm and guitar chords. Dread Marley’s musicality is worth praising. It seems that Dread Marley will soon become the rockstar in the music industry. His musical talent can easily overthrow other songs in Soundcloud. Moreover, this musician knows how to express stories through lyrics. The composition of his songs is so powerful and independent that one can easily boost confidence level by hearing them.

Dread Marley is gathering a huge number of plays for his songs and ready to release more new tracks in the future. His songs inspire a lot and encourage them to move the body along with new rhythm and lyrics. Some of his new creations are – “Work”, “Queso”, “Medico”, “Racks On Me” and “Watch” and more. Dread Marley introduces innovative rhythmic blend, and therefore, his songs have found many friendly ears in Soundcloud. His official music videos are available on youtube. Also, you can follow this rockstar on social sites such as – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To listen to the songs of Dread Marley, visit the given link:

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