Instagram Post Cuts Bryan Adams Like a Knife

Bryan Adams - By Marco Maas - originally posted to Flickr
Bryan Adams - By Marco Maas - originally posted to Flickr

THUNDER BAY – ENTERTAINMENT – We are living in a new world. COVID-19 has taken the entertainment industry and given the summer tours, along with the summer fairs, and almost every entertainment opportunity and caused massive cancellations.

Canadian musician Bryan Adams took to Instagram last night to complain about it.

Adams shared this:

Almost immediately the Twitter world lit up. Adams started trending #1 on Twitter and people started to respond calling the singer and founder of the Bryan Adams Foundation a racist, or worse.

International media started to publish articles on the Tweet.

There has been no comment back from Bryan Adams or his foundation as yet. Adams is a member of the Order of Canada, it is not known what impact his online post may have on that position.

It does, however, go to show that the ages-old saying to “Think before you speak” has a great deal of relevance in today’s online world wherein an instant your words can echo around the world.