AYAAN KHAN — The Struggle to Attain His Dream Was Real, Elucidating the Current Scenario


Kashmir is one of the fascinating and beautiful states of India that chief of us name it the utopia on earth which is amassing a totally different ambiance that persuades the highest of us to acclaim its magnificence.

But as it is said that every beautiful thing has its darker side as well. Likewise, Jammu and Kashmir is a beautiful place that has suffered a lot of violence as the terror attacks are very common over there. But imagine being a part of such a state where you are not having many rights pertaining to sovereignty but still, you chose to chase your gigantic dreams anyhow, to embellish this we are having the best example to present is of Ayaan Khan.

Ayaan khan is a 24-year-old Indian film actor from Jammu and Kashmir. His ambitious temperament and never to lose hope made him even more enthusiastic towards his dream of becoming an actor but his wings weren’t free in the sky he struggled a lot to make himself free from the cage of radicalism, Orthodox and broke the stereotype. Ayaan braved the threats from different radicalized groups, sarcastic society for going against the flow but he still came out like a shining sun out of the clouds.

He is an accurate illustration to propose the real meaning of the crusade and turning his dream into actuality. It’s actually incredible when it reaches Ayaan because of his battle which was substantial with a hypocritic society. He justified his talent on each and every phase and now he is prospering elevated with his ideal voyage in the industry. Well, he is befriending as an accurate illustration for numerous by informing the exact lesson of never giving up on your dreams, keep chasing them till you accomplish them.

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