Mirko La Rosa shows the world the power of social media across all spheres of life

Mirko La Rosa shows the world the power of social media across all spheres of life

Popular social media influencer and digital marketing advocate, Mirko La Rosa, explores the various facets of social media to help businesses and individuals across the globe

Mirko La Rosa has risen to the epitome of social media marketing hierarchy not only in Italy but across different parts of the world. Over the years, Mirko has demonstrated his prowess in helping individuals become overnight celebrities while taking businesses to new heights in their industry by effectively leveraging the power of social media.

Mirko was able to defy all the odds, overcoming the several challenges life threw at him even as a child to live his dream of financial stability and freedom. His goal is to help as many people as possible to move from the rate race of conventional paid employment, by quitting their 9-5 job and subsequently building online brands using his unique Instagram growth plan.

Mirko has become increasingly popular in the last half a decade, gaining more than 47 million followers for himself and clients worldwide. His journey into online entrepreneurship started after stumbling upon a Facebook post that showed a teenager making over $120 on the average for every of his post on Instagram. Subsequently, Mirko launched into the social media space with an obsession for Instagram as a source of income.

While I was studying Instagram I came across a travel repost page called @bedforeIdie. That was a really great page reposting the content of places to visit before I die. This page was run by the team @highonlife. They are some guys, really beautiful souls, who were travelling the World and doing crazy things. You can check them on Instagram. When I started this page, it was already 1M followers and I saw these guys as idols. I wanted to be like them,” Mirko said.

I messaged them back, and I started to chat with one of them, Alexey. We became friends, and while he was focusing on creating content, I was focusing on becoming the best Instagram growth expert. They tried my services and appreciated them, so much that, when they did their first Instagram millions, I was interviewed as the point of reference for growing pages.

Over the years, Mirko has grown to become a leading name in the world of social media influencing, building his brand to a 7 figure business, without sacrificing his freedom to travel the world and explore some of the best places, leveraging the power of social media. The Sicilian entrepreneur currently works with 5 people on a fulltime basis, with more than 15 freelancers on the side, working hand in hand to build the business and social media presence of clients – individuals and businesses worldwide.

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