Cryptocurrency Communities


If you want to be more active and engaged in the blockchain era, it is time to join a friendly cryptocurrency community. But before you can do that, you absolutely must get to know the communities.

Bitcoin Community (BTC)

The revolutionary blockchain element was Bitcoin. Sources say the bitcoin maker still has a million bitcoins that have not been released into the cryptographic space. The church has a large number of believers. You have experience in quantity and quality.

The community is said to host a large number of highly qualified cryptographic influencers. The community remains one of the largest networks in the world of cryptography.

Ethereum Community (ETH)

The community has strong networks with known investors. These investors finance their projects permanently. It is characterized by the Ethereum Community Fund, an original idea of ​​startups working with the network. The community fund has been a great success. The community is funding projects that want to build infrastructure on the Ethereum network.

The platform is flexible and capable of achieving several goals, making it a preferred target for developers.

Substratum Community (SUB)

The main goal of the community is the decentralization of the Internet. This goal helped him to win over a large audience. He wants to achieve the devolution of the Internet by changing the Internet monopoly that has existed for centuries. Central servers are not used.

SUB is known to focus on the community as part of its basic vision.

Bytecoin (BCN)

Bytecoin is one of the pioneers in the field of data protection coins. It existed before cryptography became popular. Community efforts have successfully created virtual currencies through their forks. This has increased Bytecoin’s popularity. The community, therefore, strongly supports the cause of the platform.

Wave platform (WAVES)

WAVES is one of the platforms that aim to make the token and crowdfunding process more accessible to the masses. One of the main objectives is to revolutionize token issuing and crowdfunding.

The community benefits from a large audience of passionate developers and the community. In addition, the Waves Community Token (WCT) has improved the community’s commitment to the Waves team. With the token, the owner can check out new projects that join the platform for future rewards.

Lisk (LSK)

LSK is a decentralized project that benefits from the imitation of a strong community. The platform focuses on software development. It also focuses on real improvements to complain about price dynamics.

The platform leverages high-level community involvement in managing its structure. The platform is already gaining a lot of community participation.

The cryptocurrency culture is growing in enthusiasm and acceptance from year to year. Those interested in blockchain activities need to know more about the cryptographic space. In addition to these bitqt website, there are others such as Dogecoin, Monero, Nano, EOS, and Ripple.

The growth of cryptocurrency communities is regulated by the Metcalfe law, which establishes that: the value of a network is directly proportional to the number of participants in that network.

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