The Melodic Life Of The Songwriter, Producer & Entrepreneur London Summers


Be it his singles that are full of musical tunes or his music productions, Jamal Simons a.k.a London Summers has unravelled the secret to creating chartbusters. Summers isn’t just your everyday musician, the multi-platinum producer and songwriter is crafting a life of his own, now venturing into entrepreneurship.

His career in music began with his debut single ‘Downtown Savanna’ and got rave reviews before he shifted to working as producer and songwriter for multiple hits. Summers has worked with several #1 hit DJs around the globe, as well as the powerhouses in the world of music. He brings five years of substantial experience producing tracks that go on to become global chartbusters. His career includes hits with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike ‘Back 2 U’, ‘Rewind’, ‘Memories’, ‘Stay A While’, and the 2018 hit ‘When I grow up’, which got the combination of Wiz Khalifa as well. These hit numbers in just a few years of behind-the-scenes work with the prominent artistes’ showcase Summer’s lingering genius in the industry. In 2020, he turns executive producer to ‘Take Me To A Nice Place’, a song about the hope that has beats and emotions like most of the songs that are patent Summers.

Despite his success as a songwriter and producer, his passion for humming the tunes to the husky voice never dies down. He has provided vocals for singles like ‘Downtown Savanna’ and ‘Valley’, that showcase his unique take on R&B. The songs focus on human relationships and pair hazy guitar strings, smoke vocals that reflect the glamorous regions of Los Angeles or the Ottawa Valley. In an interview, Summers mentioned the inspiration behind his songs are his late-night drives around the city of Toronto. ‘Valley’ debuted under great fanfare on ‘Pigeons and Planes’, which is a platform for music discovery, supporting new artists and delivering the best of music curation online. The song has been produced along with Tim Suby and Strech, and has London slowly coming out of the shadows of his music production days to take centre stage along with other big-names in the industry. The song recreates those feelings, and the tunes are set to be perfect companions to your long drives.

But it is not just music that consumes his life; there is much more he has to offer. In 2019, Summers started his own company that is driving a revolutionary product for the cannabis industry. The company, Eria, is a brainchild of Summers to create an innovative product that leverages the latest technological advances to develop customer-focused cannabis storage devices. The cannabis storage device is already making headway, and the company has raised $500K+ in its initial round of investment. The entrepreneur links his five years in music as his source of learning, and his experiences have helped shaped him to be ready to take on the world of business. But that doesn’t mean his musical days are behind him, for he manages all three roles with elan and class.

Summers credits his childhood experiences and life-lessons that he learnt on the way for the success he has generated. This memory is encapsulated in the song, ‘When I grow up’, Up’ which brings out the best of emotions with the musical prowess of amazing artists like Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and Wiz Khalifa. The number captures the excitement of childhood dreams with the hopeful, downtempo summer beat that gets you hooked. From young boys to eccentric teenagers, the song encapsulates the rhythm of life’s continuous march forward.

With so much going on, Summers has a lot on his plate. But his passion and full-throttle in life is part of not just the music he brings to the world; his entrepreneur streak also seems to be following a similar pattern.

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