Best Fashion Investments That Will Last More Than One Season

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The fashion world has already undergone major changes, and consumer behavior is unlikely to be the same as we knew before the pandemic. Fast fashion will gradually go by the wayside, and fashionistas will invest in long-term classics. A basic wardrobe immediately comes to mind – those things that never go out of fashion, regardless of what street style heroes and brands themselves show during fashion weeks. However, there are has some important fashion investments that will remain relevant for the next few years. Online stylist can offer a wide range of fashion ideas and can be a great source of fashion inspiration for different occasions. 

  1. First of all,  no one has managed to create or find sprint outerwear better and more relevant than a trench coat. Fashion brands return it to the catwalks every year, showing both classic models in a minimalist style, and complementing it with bright accents, using unexpected materials and a colour palette. Of course, a trench coat in a beige shade is considered an ageless classic, but so that you do not get bored quickly, choose an alternative colour, for example, hacks. This shade is just as easy to style, and it will suit any mood and any wardrobe.
  2. Classic polo shirt is another fashion investment that will be in your wardrobe for more than one season. Fashionistas combine them with denim midi skirts, loose-fitting trouser suits and jeans. Polo will replace boring T-shirts and will definitely serve more than one year.
  3. Without denim, it is impossible to imagine our life. Denim trends replace each other at the speed of light: high rise, straight legs, culottes or flared – you should make a choice in favour of the model that best suits your figure. As for the trends of this spring, the designers advise choosing flared jeans or models with wide and straight legs.
  4. Another piece of basic wardrobe is a good leather bag. Of course, the microbags and massive clutches that dazzle the streets during fashion shows look attractive and spectacular, but the lifespan of such products is very short: after just one or two seasons, you will cool off and start to look at the latest items, removing recently your favorite accessories in distant box. Instead, you should take a closer look at such bags that do not go out of fashion and which are really beneficial to invest in. Do not immediately think about the black model over your shoulder. A bag of white, beige or red shade will help diversify everyday wardrobe. If you are really bored with bags, a miniature leather backpack will be a great addition to any look. 
  5. Without accessories it is impossible to consider a single image complete. Minimalistic and aesthetic jewelry will make your outfit more interesting and bright. Sunglasses are necessary at any time of the year too.
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