What To Wear to a Casino

Upper class friends gambling in a casino.

Are you going to be a guest at Wildz Casino soon? Then you’ve got to keep on reading. Even though not all casinos require a specific dress code, it goes without saying that one should go out of their way to look decent and respectable in a gambling house. Casinos are all different and higher-end casinos will have a stricter dress-code than those you will find on the road-side.

Here is a great guide that will help you to fit in and impress other guests when you visit the casino next. At the end of this article, you will be able to figure out what basic items of clothing you should invest in as a gambler.

Black Tie

This is a different style of formal dressing that is quite common in certain casinos. Black tie should only be worn after 6 PM and it is sometimes considered as a semi-formal mode of dressing. However, it is a much more formal style of dressing as compared to other more casual styles.

Depending on the dress-code of a casino, men are required to dress in a:

  • Black bow tie
  • Black patent leather or oxford shoes
  • Black or midnight blue dinner jacket
  • White dress shirts and a cummerbund or evening waistcoat on top

Notably, Black Tie for women has changed significantly for women. Contrary to past years when women were required to dress in calf or ankle-length evening gowns, jewellery, gloves, and wraps, the only requirement at present is to wear evening shoes. Presently, most women dress in cocktail dresses and ball-gowns.

Black Tie Optional

This is a dress code most commonly seen in events such as wedding receptions. What “black tie optional” basically means is that it’s not compulsory for one to wear a tuxedo or rent one if they can’t afford it. The dress code for men is typically the same as for “black tie, but one can opt to skip a few essentials.

For women, dressing in black tie optional basically refers to wearing a cocktail dress whose hemline isn’t short. Alternatively, a full-length evening gown can work.  Another name for black tie optional is “business casual”.

White Tie

Sometimes called “Full Evening Dress”, this style of formal dress is very strict and formal. Not many casinos will require you to dress this way. But, you will find that White Tie is quite common in events such as formal parties, royal events, or state dinners. Just as with the other kinds of dress codes, men will have to adhere to a detailed code which includes:

  • A white shirt with a stiff front and wing collars, cuff links, shirt studs, cuff links, a white vest, and bow tie.
  • Grey or white gloves
  • Black dress socks and matching black patent leather shoes
  • A pair of trousers with a satin stripe and matching black dress coat with tails.

Women are required to wear a floor-length evening gown and white long gloves. Accessories such as tiaras, exquisite jewellery, and clutch purses are optional.

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