Why We Should Support Sustainable Housing

The 2023 Affordable Housing Survey conducted by Habitat for Humanity Canada has highlighted that housing affordability remains a dominant concern for Canadians, alongside inflation and healthcare access.

You might already have heard “green building” or “green housing” may be from a friend or a local realtor. It is because green housing is making noise now in the real estate and construction industry.

Green housing, or what they called sustainable housing, is an eco-friendly building of houses that eliminates or reduces your contribution to the carbon footprint that affects the environment.

Going green has been promoted by many health and environmental advocates due to its significant impact on contributing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for every individual. Aside from keeping one’s health and protecting the environment, there are also other reasons why we should support sustainable housing today.

Reasons for Going Green

We already have mentioned that sustainable housing contributes to improving one’s health and helps protect to delay environmental decay. Still, other than that, there are other reasons why people are turning into going green and start acknowledging the positive impact in getting sustainable housing can do.

1. Budget-friendly

Money has always been an issue when getting or building a house. Not having enough money to mobilize your house construction delays the entire process, and worse, turns you to use substandard materials- which is not the ideal plan you have in mind.

However, in doing sustainable housing, you are using a quality made and locally-found materials which is much cheaper than the traditional steelworks and paints in the market.

With this trend getting a hype, there are already materials that are made to be eco-friendly to build a house. Recycled materials like reclaimed or salvaged wood timber reduce the idea of cutting new trees. Also, harvesting sheep’s wool as a room insulator can be a good idea as well.

If you are interested in getting sustainable housing, you can ask a local broker in your area or check https://perthbroker.com.au/, and they might have something that can help you with your search.

2. Saves you money

You might not see it as of now since sourcing out sustainable materials to comply and to build a sustainable home might be a little difficult to tackle. But in the long run, you will see how much owning or purchasing sustainable housing can save you money.

With sustainable housing using more solar energy as a source of power, you will use less utility and electricity consumption to power up your appliances, thus reducing your energy bill every month.

Also, since sustainable housing is made to survive both cold and hot seasons, you reduce the usage of your heating and cooling systems. Sustainable housing architects utilize the Earth’s rotation and the sun’s zenith to take advantage of the hot and cold seasons.

3. Improved your lifestyle and living condition

You see, sustainable housing uses renewable energy like solar panels and uses eco-friendly materials during the construction process. From this moment moving forward, you are breathing and inhaling fresher air, receives natural lighting, and depends on the environment to provide you with a natural warmth and coldness.

With sustainable housing, you will soon change your perspective with your lifestyle. You start to acknowledge the contribution of the natural resources around you and how it can simplify and improve your living conditions. Also, it helps you to live a much simpler life since they promote living in a house that just fits your needs.

Furthermore, tiny houses don’t mean a congested place but have an adequate space for you and your family to reside. Bigger houses only contribute to your daily expenses, and it means more energy supply is needed and more space to fill. When you can just have a simple house that has everything you need to live by.

4. Personal contribution to help protect and save the environment

Not all of us are vocal with our support in saving the environment, and not all of us are actively environment advocates. However, when you choose to build or purchase sustainable housing, you have shown concern about the environment. You share a piece and do your part to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Traditional housing is made of materials that require the consumption of our natural resources, like cutting down trees excessively. The usage of fossil fuels, and other natural gas resources, which dramatically affects the Earth’s ozone layer and contributes to prevalent climate changes we are now suffering.

But with sustainable housing, you feel better that you are making a small contribution to reduce and lower these negative impacts we already experience.


Sustainable housing is not just a trend or a hype, but it is a movement that significantly contributes to saving our planet and preventing its further exploitation. Purchasing or building sustainable housing not just improves our lifestyle and living conditions. If you look into a bigger picture, you’re a part in improving everyone’s lives and is doing something exemplary to save the environment.

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