Common Mistakes When Selling A House To A Cash Buyer

Common Mistakes When Selling A House To A Cash Buyer

There’s no better way to profit from your beloved home by getting a good deal with cash buyers. You’ll be able to cover the expenses from the renovation, and you’ll also save time and energy.

But a little mistake can cause a significant impact on the transaction. You may have several buyers with different offers in hand, but many sellers fall into traps, and deals get dropped because of some avoidable yet common mistakes.

To get the advantage of selling a house to a cash buyer, we’ve listed down the most common traps sellers fell for and should be avoided. Read on!

Not Taking Good Photos

You’ll probably be posting photos of your house on online platforms to attract more buyers. Never miss an excellent opportunity to let every buyer see your house’s potential by taking lousy images.

Learn how to take a good photo of your property, so all your renovation efforts are worth it. You can also stage your house and add unique decors to add interest to space.

Don’t forget to open the windows when taking the photos so natural lighting can brighten your shots. Natural light makes the space more inviting and homey.

If you’re not a good photographer, you can hire a professional to help you with the task. You can also use a high-quality camera to ensure that the photos are post-worthy.

Wrong Marketing Methods

One of the most common mistakes sellers commit is not utilizing the right marketing methods to attract cash buyers. Good marketing will ensure that your property and capital won’t be stagnant.

Posting your property on social media and selling platforms is an excellent way to market a property. Make sure that you consistently post to ensure that your property stays on top of the search results.

You should also ensure that all details are enumerated completely to avoid unnecessary back and forths. Establishing a strong online presence for your house has the highest returns for getting consistent cash buyers.

You can also strategically market your property with newspaper advertisements and billboards. Just check whether you have potential buyers that can afford your property in the area.

Price Too Steep

Your house may be valuable for you, but putting it up for a high price may drive potential cash buyers away. Try to price your property according to your house’s features.

You can reasonably price your house by comparing it to other properties with similar floor size or getting familiar with the fair market value of your estate. Checking any potential competition can also help you ensure that you are pricing your property accordingly.

Once you decide on a price, add a little room because some buyers tend to negotiate. Giving a room for negotiation will provide you with more leverage and ensure that you provide a fair market value for your home.

Not Doing Renovations

A good seller needs to know how to sell an old house that needs work. Aside from doing the common repairs like roofing and flooring, you should also check any leaking, damaged plumbing, and faulty electrical connections.

Improve the overall look of the property with fresh paint and new carpets if you want to attract cash buyers. Potential buyers will appreciate that you did the work for them.

Remember that a cash buyer shall provide the payment instantly. So, you should also provide a ready to live property.

Buyer can follow through

Once you have attracted potential buyers, make sure to check the legitimacy and integrity of the buyer with the Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce.

You can also check their license if they run a business, or ask for their company if they are working. This information is vital to know whether your buyer has proof of funds. Also, do not just ask for references, validate it.

You don’t want to waste your precious time entertaining buyers and end up with a bad deal because they can’t provide your asking price.

Selling when it’s offseason

It is also essential to take note when is the right season to put your house on sale. Knowing the best time to enlist a property will ensure that it won’t be up for an extended period.

The best month to sell always depends on the market. You’ll end up with your serious buyers during winter. Some people find this season uptight. Winter months also have the slowest-selling activity.

You’ll find less competition during the fall season based on several market data. Repair and renovation costs are also lower during this time. During summer, you’ll have a handful of competitions. But, summer is also the season when people usually look for a new home.

According to market statistics, properties listed during May tend to sell more. You’ll also find more buyers when you enlist your properties on a Saturday. It has the busiest web activity during the week.


Learn to avoid these common mistakes, and you’ll be able to sell your property for a reasonable amount in no time. Other seller’s mistakes can be your key point in making your transaction successful.

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