How a Low Point in Life Proved Life-Changing for Fitness Entrepreneur Brandon Carter


A low point can take us to our breaking point, where we either allow life to get worse or make changes for the better. Rock bottom is a place no one wants to find themselves, but with a shift in perspective, we can bring our personal lives to new heights. Hard times can transform a person, and with that power, they can take on the world. It took a severe low point for fitness entrepreneur Brandon Carter to see that, but once he did, there was no turning back.

Brandon Carter is a well-known fitness influencer, certified fitness instructor, and nutritionist. With over 3,000,000 followers on his social media profiles combined, Brandon helps people live a life dedicated to hard work and results. Although he has a thriving business and tremendous fan-following, things weren’t always easy for Brandon growing up, and he found himself in the wrong crowd.

“I grew up in a poor area on the south side of Chicago, and my parents sent me to military school to keep me out of trouble,” explains Brandon. “It’s tough to shed those roots.” Brandon went from military school to dealing drugs in his early 20’s bringing him to a severe low point one day that forced him to re-evaluate the direction his life was going.

A drug dealer with no intention to walk away from that life, everything changed during a deal that could have gone very wrong. “I was in the middle of a deal in Miami, and we had been there for quite some time. My buddy was counting out all the cash, and everything was out on the table when I heard the door creak open. I stepped back and pulled my gun when his son walked through that door,” describes Brandon. “My buddy was sprawled out on the table over everything so his son couldn’t see, and I had pulled my gun.” That moment changed Brandon’s life forever. He walked away from dealing and threw everything he had into fitness.

“You are who you spend your time with, and I was surrounded by the wrong people,” says Brandon. After that eye-opening experience, Brandon poured his focus into his fitness business, building a substantial social presence and personal coaching business. “Fitness represents keeping everyday small promises to yourself, and that is how you build a successful life,” states Brandon. “Build a life you can be proud of, and the business will follow.”

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