Kamyar696 on His Love for Comedy, Music, & Acting


One of the greatest writers of all time, William Shakespeare very famously said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” We all play a part in this drama called life. Some are meant to achieve academic excellence while some are born to entertain. It is quite popularly known that any person who knows any art form has a better understanding of this world and universe. A young 25-year-old Iranian national is setting screens on fire with his amazing talents including singing, acting, and comedy. Meet Amir Hamdollahzadeh aka Kamyar696.

Amir realized his skills and potential at quite an early age. His love for cinema and music formed a foundation for his talents when he was a child. As the years went by, Amir used social media to showcase his talent. He started making funny videos with his friends and posted it on Instagram. His videos did well and in a short matter of time, Amir became an internet celebrity. In 2019, Amir dropped two singles “King of Bonzale” and ‘Sokoot’ with featuring artist, Amin Hesam. He received rave reviews for both these tracks which motivated him to come out with more music. In early 2020, Amir released a single “Goole Aksamo Nakhor” featuring Alishmas and Kimia. His Instagram following is over 2 million and this is a constantly growing number. Apart from acting and music, Amir is also very committed to fitness. He has participated in several fitness programs and has accomplished many feats. When asked about his plans for 2020, he said, “I wish to make more music and funny videos. I love to entertain people with my music and make them laugh with my videos.” With numerous skills and talents up his sleeve, Amir is on his way to major success in the future. 

In this hugely competitive world, people need to explore their potential and unravel their talents. No matter what you’re good at, it is essential to keep doing it as you may never know where it might take you.

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