Peawanuk First Nation: Residents call on Chief and Council for Updates

Letter to the Editor

CALGARY – LETTERS – We all know there is a high level of crisis with the ongoing pandemic. The Chief and Council of WFN, have yet to issue a statement in respect to where we stand in the matter.

There have been opinions and articles shared amongst few band members via social media, however, it is the responsibility of the Chief and Council to update members of the community, on or off-reserve.

Our elections have concluded, and no protocol has been disseminated up to this point. With the situation intensifying, there is substantial concern over the lack of disregard for the people of WFN, by the C&C. Current members of the C&C were in office for previous terms, therefore should be knowledgeable and efficient with communication in a crisis.

We urge the C&C to convene with our community and be transparent and forthcoming on developments for strategies/plans in place if any.

It is unacceptable for the C&C to prolong the insecurities being felt by the community.

The C&C has a submission to duty and should follow suit with other First Nations that have been addressed by their C&C. New and impactful events are occurring daily, requiring the necessary logistical arrangements.

Thank You.

Judy Wabano
Calgary, Alberta

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