5 Great Tools for Car Maintenance

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Keeping your vehicle healthy is a crucial part of road safety. If there are issues with your car, continuing to drive without resolving the problem can be highly dangerous. This is why practicing good car maintenance is very important.

You don’t have to be a qualified mechanic to do this, but it’s always useful to have a basic knowledge of the anatomy of a car. If you’re uncertain about something, then it is advised to take your vehicle to a professional to inspect it. There are things you can do at home if you have the confidence and know-how, though. Here are some useful tools to help you carry out work on your car at home.

Jack Stands

There might be an occasion when you have to get underneath your car to investigate a problem. In this case, you will need a jack stand to help lift the car from the ground and keep it in place. Make sure that the stand is secure, and the car is fully supported before you take a look underneath. Otherwise, you could get seriously injured or worse.

Oil Drain Pan

If you’re carrying out mechanical work on your car, it can be easy to make a mess. Oil drips can leave stubborn stains on your driveway, but more importantly, can cause a safety hazard. To avoid nasty slips and falls, purchase an oil drain pan to catch the excess that might be coming from your car.

Mechanics Tool Set

A basic toolset, compiled of wrenches, Allen keys, and other useful items will be beneficial to own. Although you might have these things in your regular toolbox, having a set that is focused on car maintenance ensures you have everything you need to carry out simple tasks.

Cleaning Equipment

Looking after your car isn’t just about the mechanics. Keeping it clean and tidy, both inside and out is important. Pressure washers are handy devices to have when you have a car or a bike. Pretty much any kind of cleaning can be done with it. According to Bob Robinson of BestOfMachinery, “you’ll be able to clean most stains with an average-strength pressure washer.” It’s easy for your car to get dirty when you’re driving around, and some dirt is more stubborn than others. You can always head to a car-wash, but its something you can do yourself at home, saving money in the long-run.

Invest in quality products like wax and glass cleaner. You might also need special soap to clean the interior fabric of the car. Steam cleaners are also great to have, too. They provide gentle cleaning, but still manage to get rid of tougher stains and dirt. It might be worth investing in a Fortador cleaner, as the company makes these great steamers.

Work Light

Having a sufficient light source while carrying out maintenance work is also something worth investing in. You might be working on parts of the car that are hard to see or after daylight hours. Don’t strain your eyes, make sure you have a powerful work light to help you see.

There will be times when you will have to go to a mechanic to tend to the more complicated problems with your car. However, maintaining your car at home is also easy to do.

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