How will improved networks shape the way we use the Internet in the future?

5G High speed network means faster connection speeds for business and fun

The Internet has already taken over, and in the modern world, it touches pretty much every aspect of our lives. The speed and capability of the Internet is largely determined by the networks on which it runs though, and in the coming years, we’re about to see big changes.

Improved networks allow increased volumes of data to pass between our devices and servers at faster speeds than ever before allowing for huge improvements to the laptops, smartphones and other devices we use daily. Let’s take a look at some of the things we’re likely to see happening soon.

Increased internet speeds with 5g network

5g networks are just around the corner and they look set to drastically change the way we use the Internet with faster speeds and immensely improved connections for mobile devices. In essence, we’re on the cusp of an Internet revolution. 5g networks work in much the same way as 4g networks but with some added benefits. Focussing on 3 key aspects; lower latency which offers a more responsive connection, larger channels in order to speed up data transfers, and multiple connections providing improved compatibility with smart sensors. All of these improvements quickly add up to achieve additional improvements on existing 4g connections. Check out this guide from PC Mag and find out more about 5g and how it’s likely to change the way we use the internet in the coming years.

The improved network infrastructure will promote new tech

Although at the moment there aren’t that many handsets which are actually compatible with the soon to be released 5g networks, new models, with big improvements are on the horizon. New smartphones coming to the market in the next few years will be dramatically faster. But that’s not all, we’re likely going to see big changes to other areas of technology with the improvements to networks in the coming years. Kubernetes networking will play an increasingly large role in these improvements and the way in which users interact with servers and data packets are transferred between machines.

Online gaming at even faster speeds

Online gaming has already become a global phenomenon and is an incredibly lucrative business enticing users from all over the world. Network improvements are going to encourage new development in this sector and will power the next generation of online games to new heights. Faster connections mean more complex graphics and online experiences will take place on our devices and the way we use our existing technology will change immensely.

Better AI tech in apps and games

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality have really taken center-stage in recent years and their growth is sure to continue with improved connections and better networks. Google has already started using augmented reality in their maps app, making finding your way to the local cafe that little bit more straightforward. The power of improved networks will mean that even more complicated AI and augmented tech ideas will be finding their way into your smartphones in the coming years.

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