Here’s What You Need to Know Before Buying a Mattress Toppers

Here’s What You Need to Know Before Buying a Mattress Toppers

Sleeping in a comfortable bed at night after a long tiring day at work quickly calms and puts you in a goodnight rest. But sometimes, you find yourself waking up with body sore because of your lousy mattress. Good thing, there are available mattress toppers in the market today. You can solve that problem right away.

But with so many memory foam mattress toppers available, it can be a challenge to pick the right one that best suits your needs. Hence, you will need a quick guide on what to look into and what to know before you purchase one.

Here we have listed a few things you should check first before finally giving in to buying a new mattress topper.

Check your existing mattress.

This step should be the first thing you need to do before setting your mind into buying a new mattress topper.

Do you need a new mattress topper, or do you need to change your existing mattress? By answering these questions, you will know first-hand what you should do.

It is important to stress that soiled, broken down mattresses cannot be resolved by buying a mattress topper. The primary purpose of having a mattress topper is to lengthen the life of your mattress and to improve your sleeping condition.

If your existing mattress is still durable and needs a little comfort adjustment, buying a mattress topper is the answer. If not, save up a budget to get yourself a new mattress instead.

Check the materials.

Different kinds of material are used in making mattress toppers. You should consider the type of materials being used in the topper and check if you are comfortable sleeping on it.

  1. Memory Foam. A popular choice in the market today since it ensembles the softness and comfort of a memory foam mattress with lesser cost. A wide selection of best memory foam toppers are available today, and you can select the one that fits your budget.
  2. Feather and Fiberfill. These materials are soft and provide a little cushion in your bed. If your mattress is still in good condition, you can have either of these two. However, these can sometimes be hot, especially during the summer season.
  3. Wool. Considered an expensive mattress topper material that offers excellent cushion support. You can enjoy the warmth during the cold season and the right coolness during the hot season.
  4. Latex and Polyurethane. These materials are the best option for a tight budget shopper who wants to purchase mattress toppers to add a layer of cushion. It’s best for mattresses that are still durable and still in excellent condition.

The thickness matters.

When buying a mattress topper, you should also look into its thickness. A suggested thickness is around 2-3 inches, which is the ideal choice of many buyers.

If your existing mattress is still in good and firm condition, buying a mattress topper within this thickness range should be good.

An additional factor to consider in choosing the mattress topper thickness is your weight. If you weigh more than 250 pounds and decided to buy a memory foam mattress topper, the ideal thickness should be 4 inches. It will give you additional cushion as it will hold your weight and is perfect to be set on the ground directly.

Proper fitting is a must.

Choosing your new mattress topper should complement the size of your existing mattress. If you have a Queen-size bed, you should ask for the proper dimensions of your mattress topper. It shouldn’t be smaller than your current mattress nor larger than its actual size.

Finding the right fitting of your mattress topper might cause you a little of a problem since bed manufacturers have a different measurement when it comes to their production. But, if you take the time to buy a new mattress topper thoroughly, you will find the right fit without the need for any adjustments.

Overall comfort is essential.

The moment you have decided to go on a hunt of buying a new mattress topper, considering the overall comfort is always your decision-breaker. From choosing the materials to finding the right fitting, and deciding what’s the best thickness feels great, but it’s the comfort that matters most.

Your comfort should always be one of the things you need to consider, and not just what the statistics and facts are telling you. If you need an additional cushion, back-support, or if you are seeking something to keep you warm and calm at night all depends on you.


Mattress toppers are one of the best options in giving you additional sleeping comfort. Whether you are experiencing body pains or just looking for peace while lying on your bed, a mattress topper is your easy solution. They may come at a high price, but some varieties suit your budget.

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