Six Easy Ways to Relieve Boredom in Your Lunch Break

Netwworking - One of Six Easy Ways to Relieve Boredom in Your Lunch Break

Your lunch break is a great excuse to get away from your desk and relax your brain, but some people can find mandatory breaks quite boring. If you work in an office without much to do nearby, here are some ways to break lunchtime boredom and make the most of the hour you have.

  1. Go for a walk

If your office is based somewhere with pedestrian paths, then why not spend the hour taking a walk? Many experts recommend completing 10,000 steps a day, which is tough when you work behind a desk. However, you can get in a few thousand steps during your lunch break, putting you on the right path towards your goal. Put on a podcast or music and the time will pass quickly.

  1. Learn something new

Want to do something productive with your lunch break? Why not download an app and learn something new? Language apps are becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to learn a new language with lessons as short as 10 minutes. Nowadays, online studying means you can learn anything in your spare time, so there’s a great deal of flexibility.

  1. Gamble online

Gambling used to be quite complicated and was often something only done at night in a casino. Nowadays, you can do anything from playing slots to entering lotteries while you are on your break. To get started, read a Powerball review online and you’ll be able to find out how to enter and how the system works.

  1. Play some mobile games

As you probably already know, your phone isn’t just for texts and social media, there’s a whole world of games out there. Don’t just stick to the same couple of dull games, switch things up and play different genres, so you can make the most of your lunch hour. Some of the most addictive mobile games include puzzles, strategy, and adventure games, and they usually don’t cost any more than a couple of dollars.

  1. Learn a craft

So taking pots of glitter and glue to work may be a bit much, but your lunch hour might be a good time to do something creative. If you are often bored at work, then do a little knitting or cross-stitch during your lunch break can help bring out your creative side. Don’t like making handmade items? You could do all sorts of creative things at lunch, from sketching to working on your novel.

  1. Network

Networking isn’t just something you can do at conferences or events. Your lunch hour may be the perfect time to visit friends in other departments or important clients and keep up to date with what’s going on. While you may not be actively looking for a job at the moment, many jobs are filled with people of whom the employer knows, which is why building up your contacts and keeping them up to date is so important. There are good reasons why people have business lunches, and you never know what might come up in this hour.

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