Running a Home-Based Business? Tactics to Help Grow/Land Huge Clients

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Home-based businesses are more common than ever before with technology bringing global business markets together. The lack of need for large investments for businesses no longer exist. In the past, a founder of a business would put in a large personal investment with overhead costs being far higher. The lack of need for a physical office makes a home-based business attractive to many professionals in today’s business landscape. Landing huge clients from your garage are going to be tough so solving issues like this will be essential. The following are tactics that will help a small business run from home to grow healthily and land huge clients.

Don’t Skimp on Branded Sales Materials/Pens/T-Shirts

Clients that are looking to sign large contracts often times have multiple approvals to seek before signing. Companies are going to want to keep the sales materials on file to present to management. Sending sales materials in a generic envelope can result in the materials going straight into the trash. Custom 5×7 envelopes by can reduce the likelihood of the mail being thrown into the garbage. The personal touch of having custom envelopes also presents an organized image to the potential client. Pens/t-shirts are another great way to create leads if distributed at an industry event like a conference.

Scale the Business Using Freelancers

Freelancers are prevalent with a vast number of these contractors providing high-quality work. A business that wants to keep employee numbers down can help scale projects using freelancers. Platforms like that of Upwork or People Per Hour have a rating system for clients as well as freelancers. Picking a freelancer with a large number of projects and a high rating is essential. Finding this combination will help increase the likelihood of receiving quality work. Creating a pool of freelancers can allow a home-based business to avoid hiring. The ability to enlist the help of numerous freelancers when signing a huge client will ensure deadlines are hit. Freelancers can be a great way to test out professionals before offering full-time employment. There are certain professionals that you will not want to lose so a job offer can help retain them long-term.

Cash in Favors to Get Introduced to Prospects with Huge Potential

Professional favors are rarely cashed in by many as “Let me know if you need anything” seems like an empty gesture to some. Introductions either by phone, email, or in-person can be all a founder with a knack for sales will need. For former employees, keep these relationships healthy as this can be a great resource. A small business is not for everyone long-term so these former members of the staff could have opted to work at a far larger company. LinkedIn will be the best way to research how former colleagues or contacts for clients have ventured professionally. People would rather work with those they have worked with in the past as they know what to expect in terms of quality and communication.

Use Content Marketing to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Landing large clients will demand online visibility. Many managers/executives of large companies still use search engines. Content marketing is the perfect way to showcase the company’s knowledge and build backlinks to the website. Ranking on the first page for a competitive term can produce quality leads for the home-based business. Daily content marketing is required whether it is on social media or on the company blog. Social media can be great to engage with followers as well as increase the reach that a particular piece of content has. Freelancers are mentioned above can help scale this content as not every founder of a business has the time/desire to write content daily.

Options for Renting Conference Rooms and Offices for Pitches

Pitches being done from the comfort of the home could be convenient but this option is rarely the best available. Being able to reserve conference rooms and offices in a shared workspace can help land a sale. Working from home is great but for corporate juggernauts considering signing a contract, no expense should be spared. A company that could earn the business large amounts of money with a long-term contract should be wined and dined to the best of your ability. Answering services can be a huge help as well as a call going to personal voicemail isn’t an option. Pitching should also include the personal touch with custom pitches. A generic pitch template can be identified by a seasoned business professional.

Landing a few large clients can ensure massive success for a home-based business. The fact that the business is small does not mean that it cannot produce work that huge brands can utilize. Selling can be difficult but with passion as well as the right service/product clients are willing to overlook the size of the business.

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