Top 10 Dancehall Artists to Watch in 2020


Dancehall music continues to grow and evolve. Since our last article, Top Dance Hall Artists 2018, there has been a lot of change.

For those who don’t know the history of Dancehall music, the musical style began in Jamaica in the late 1970s. It is best described as an offshoot of reggae music. It has grown from Jamaica and now reaches out to the rest of the world, and especially Africa.  International artists including Drake and Rihanna have released dancehall tracks.

Throughout 2019 the scene in the dancehall artists mix keeps evolving with new sounds and new artists joining the scene.

Here are some of the best of the dancehall music scene:

Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom is a fantastic female dancehall artist who debuted in 2017. Her release of  “Love Situations” created a huge online boom and received over 3 million views on YouTube.

Jada Kingdom has a style of music that brings in both indie and neo-soul elements to dancehall.

Execution is her latest.

Jada Kingdom has also released ‘Better Than That’ featuring Govana and ‘Wasteman’ featuring Stalk Ashley.

Alexx A-Game

Alexx A-Game is an artist with both a clean image but also with clean music. He is a trained and talented singer, musician and songwriter. He is also a skilled D-Jay. His release of singles ‘Go Harda’, ‘Double Up’ feature international rapper Tory Lanez, and his release ‘Chuck It’ featured Ding Dong. This talented player on the scene keeps it real and keeps growing.


6ix Boss has a very unique sound. Squash arrived on the scene in 2015.

The music leapt up in 2017 with the release of the hit single ‘Lavish’ gaining widespread recognition through 2018 with the release of ‘Trending’, ‘Oh La La’ and ‘Money Fever’.


Quada is making waves in the dancehall world with both his lyrics and delivery. Quada released several new pieces through 2018. These included ‘Reflex’ and ‘Celebration’ featuring Jah Vinci.

Some suggest these were two of the best songs released in 2018. Quada continues to make the scene dance in 2019.


TeeJay is a top player among the dancehall artists. TeeJay is from the western side of Jamaica. He made his cross-country debut with the breakout single ‘Uptop’ early 2018. He has been doing well on the western scene for some time, however, his follow-up hit ‘Uptop Boss’ cemented his place in dancehall as well as paved the way for him signing a management deal with Kingston-based production company Romeich Entertainment.

His chart-topping single was followed by the release of new singles like ‘Braff’ featuring Ding Dong, ‘My Type’ and ‘Owna Lane’. It is quite evident that Teejay has been working really hard and this will make him one of the top dancehall artists to watch.

Shane E

Shane E makes an amazing sound that can be described as a kind of melodic darkness.

Shane E debuted in 2016 at Jamfest. Shane E delivered a remarkable performance that really propelled his career. His track ‘Blessings a Flow’ did well and his follow up single ‘Hundred Duppy’ also gained popularity. Shane E has also released songs like ‘Gone Sleep’, ‘Money Dream’ and was featured on Prince Swanny’s ‘Ztekk Bomber’.

Could this be his solid breakout year? It is going to be your choice!

Chronic Law

Chronic Law is from St. Thomas. He has a style that combines a melodious flow in his beats with solid lyrics.

‘Government’ became a party/street anthem. Chronic Law has also released a number of singles ‘Hilltop Badness’ and ‘Hillside’.

Rygin King

Rygin King is from St. James, and perhaps the man to watch. Rygin King’s singles ‘Learn’ and ‘Things Go Change’ created a real buzz. This buzz continued with his single ‘Tuff’. Rygin King keeps going as an artist.

Cautious was just released in December.

Maestro Don

Maestro Don has a definitely melodious sound along with enticing lyrics.

Maestro Don has kept his music going since his debut in 2013. His signing of a new recording contract with Gyptian’s Ryte Dyreksan means his music will keep going well into 2020.

Weekend was just released in late December 2019.

Alicai Harley

Based out of London England, the dancehall scene benefits from Alicai Harley.

Alicia is a Jamaican born artist with a sound sharing a dancehall crossover vibe. Alicia is one of the top dancehall artists to look out for in 2020.

Tek it to Dem was just released in December 2019.

Did we miss your favourite? Is there an up-and-coming artist who has earned a place on our list? Share your views in the comments!

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