Why the anxiety and depression connection is important to your happiness

Depressed man getting psychological treatment at office.

They say that happiness is an inside job, and true, it is. If you could focus on your wellbeing, without allowing external factors to determine your mood and situation in life, you would be among the few people on earth who rarely experience depression and anxiety. However, there is no such an ideal situation, as human beings are social animals whose interaction affect one another in one way or another. We all need a shoulder to lean on sometimes, and this is why the Well Beings Counselling Clinic is there to provide that shoulder to all irrespective of their background. It is important, though, that you understand how anxiety and depression are connected to your happiness.

What Happens When You are Anxious?

When you are anxious, your body is reacting to stress brought about by feelings of fear or apprehension about what is to come. You might be expecting a big day such as a wedding or an interview that will be life-changing. Such feelings are normal to many people, but when they exceed, they can be harmful to your well-being. You must seek professional help to help you go through therapy.

 Anxiety can affect your normal life and significantly interfere with your happiness. Other remedies include exercising to keep your body active, and doing things that get your brain off the causes of your anxiety. You also need enough and quality sleep as well as a good diet. Avoid the obvious vices that are drinking alcohol or smoking like most people do as these will only aggravate your condition, while also messing up with your body’s physical and mental health. 

 Depression’s Connection to Anxiety

Depression is to a large extent connected to anxiety, but the latter case is more serious. While anxiety is normal in everyday life, depression is not as normal and can be dangerous, even leading to mental illness if not diagnosed and managed early. It seriously severe an individual’s happiness and wellbeing.

 Identifying Depression 

Unfortunately, most depressed individuals tend not to realize that they are suffering and require assistance. If you are feeling under the weather, and sometimes have suicidal thoughts, you might just need to seek assistance. Here are some things you can do.

  • Talk to Someone Close


Find someone close that you can trust and confide in. It could be your friend, or your relative, as long as you can confide in that person. Talking it out is a great milestone towards getting out of a depressing situation. You might even be surprised that the issue that was depressing you is not such a big deal after all. 

  •  Find Something to Be Grateful Of

You might be going through a tough time, but not everything in your life is as tough. There are at least one or two things that you could identify that are going as planned. Focus on what is going right and dedicate your strength and concentration on the same. You will, sooner or later start forgetting about your misfortunes and have your happiness back.  


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