Tankless Water Heaters- Taking A Good (and objective) look at their Benefits

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No matter if you’re in a hurry or not, one of the worst things to happen in the morning is to get ready to work only to realize that there’s no more hot water. It’s going to take forever until the water heats up again, and only the thought of waiting gives you the nerves. As for the hot shower, you know you just need to let it go for the morning. Cold showers are healthy any now and then, but not daily!

Let’s not forget about the costs of re-heating the water in the tank and the waste too. A traditional water heater with the tank will re-heat the water throughout the day when there’s nobody at home needing to use the hot water.

What are tankless water heaters?

Now that it is obvious why the traditional tanks are no longer the best option to have hot water in your home, some other solutions may be in the cards.

On-demand, aka tankless water heater, is one of the solutions. The best part about the tankless water heater is that it only heats water when you need it, so it’s not going to waste energy.

Thanks to their shape and size, mounting the tankless water heaters is always straightforward. You can easily install them in a closet, on an exterior wall, or wherever it works for your home.

Capable of providing hot water endlessly, while cutting down the energy costs, the tankless water heaters stand out with their benefits. The initial investment is going to throw off some, but you have to see the whole picture in a couple of years.

Let’s take a good look at the whole picture, highlighting the benefits without forgetting about the downsides.

Tankless water heaters are more expensive, but save you money in the long run!

Even if tankless water heaters cut down your energy bill, they do come at a steep price. Also, you may have to run a couple of changes through your home, which only adds some more bucks to the initial investment.

The endless hot water, the small footprint (tankless water heaters are a lot smaller than the traditional tanks) are only some of the many reasons for which people choose them over the tank models.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the gas-fired tankless heaters will save around $108 in energy costs every year. The electric models will cut down the bill with $44 per year.

It’s only fair to give you all numbers, as tankless water heaters will cost you more than the traditional models with tanks. An electric unit is around $1,000, whereas a gas-powered model can go as high as $3,000 when heating the whole house. The costs for the plumber and installation are also included in the prices.

Truth be told, most tankless water heaters are made to provide a straightforward installation. You only need to take a look at the models online to see what they are all about. For instance, the various models presented at Informinc.orgensure effortless installation, but that’s not the only good thing about them. It would help if you went through the details to make an idea about the diversity of options and the numerous models that fit in different applications, home, or commercial-grade.

Coming back, don’t forget that not all home residencies are ready to take tankless water heaters. Should you only use electric in your house, the whole electrical system will need an upgrade, so you will have to hire an electrician.

In some situations, rewiring can get as high as $5,000, which counts as an expensive initial investment.

Tankless water heaters need less space

It’s not only the energy savings that count when using a tankless water heater. With no tank collecting the water, it makes perfect sense that the tankless water heaters don’t pose many problems with the installation place.

As a matter of fact, the versatility and possibility of installing a tankless water heater in narrow or tight spaces are other benefits to consider. The compact shape and the smaller size turn the tankless water heaters into great solutions for customers dealing with storage space.

They come with an extended warranty

Nine times out of ten, the warranty for a tankless water heater is around 15 years. On the contrary, even the best traditional water heater with a tank doesn’t come with a warranty for longer than six years.

They’re better for the environment

More and more customers think about their mark on the planet, giving a second thought to all the appliances they use in their homes. The tankless water heaters are a better choice for the environment as no rusty tank will end up in the landfill.

A tankless water heater that doesn’t waste any water or energy will always be more appealing to an environmental-aware customer.

What to consider when buying?

Should you conclude that the tankless water heater is right for you, here are some aspects to think about:

  • Needs- Do you need just one unit for heating water in a bathroom, or you need to heat water in the whole house?
  • Type- The two main categories of tankless water heaters are gas and electric. For the latter, the proper voltage, a circuit breaker, and amperage are mandatory for the appropriate function, whereas the indoor gas models require venting. An outdoor model doesn’t need venting, though.
  • Installation- Unless you’re a professional plumber or A/C contractor, you shouldn’t jump into installing a tankless water heater. You may get away with the more basic models, but many units out there require professional installation.
  • Warranty- The majority of tankless water heaters will work for 20 years or so, which is double the lifespan of a traditional model with the tank.
  • Location- It’s not something to worry about. However, you need to install it within 50ft from a power source.

Instead of a conclusion

Should you give more information when deciding on tankless water heaters, here are some other options to think about:

Point of use water heaters

For those of you who cannot commit to a tankless water heater for the whole house just yet, the point of use water heaters (POU) are great choices too.

They’re small units that you can mount right next to a room or an appliance requiring hot water. They work just like the tankless water heaters, giving hot water almost instantly.

Hybrid water heater

When you like the traditional water heaters with a tank, but want to cut down the energy spending, the hybrid water heater will be another solution.

They combine the functions of both tankless and tank water heaters. They allow installation with the current setup in your home and are very efficient. They’re typically tall and need plenty of room for proper functioning, so consider the storage space aspect before buying.

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