Automated website testing made easy with Comparium

Are you an entrepreneur looking to start your new venture?
Are you a small-scale enterprise looking to expand your market online?
Are you a blogger willing to launch your platform online?
Are you just a freelancer developing a website to showcase your work?
Are you a Brand looking to expand your online presence and network?

Well, there is one thing that is common among all of them. The initiative to launch a website, an online portal and then using that to expand the business, gain brand name or just begin the successful journey. Considering how big the online world is today, having an online presence is of crucial importance. Infact, if you do not have it by now, it is time to work on it.

So, you develop the website, finalize the design and content, add in information but then again, there is still one straw missing. Whenever something new happens, it is also necessary to test them before launch. Similarly, your website needs to be checked, tested and error-free before being launched. Think about it, everything from a battery to a mobile phone to a clothing line, everything has some sort of required mandatory test-run before the final launch.

What kind of testing?

Various platforms like Comparium are recognized in web testing where the main work is running web pages in various browsers and operating systems. So, the website you have works differently in different browsers and operating systems. Colour combinations, drop-downs, website placing, all of it looks different and the final plan for your website is always to look good and function well in all types of browsers and operating systems. So, you get simple cross-browser testing done and there, you can now easily launch your website. The whole point is that each website can be accessed by each user differently and you, as a business, as a brand or as a blogger, cannot take the risk of any glitches in front of any user. It is rightly said, before digital marketing, cross-browser testing is more important.

website testing

Where to go for help?

So, talking about Comparium, we decided to review the platform, since it is an efficient platform for cross-browser testing.  So, with Comparium allows you to simply have a low-cost method of checking your website. Hence, you go ahead, submit your website URL and e-mail address to them and then, leave it to them to do the necessary. The e-mail address you submit has a special purpose, it shows how customer-oriented Comparium is. Once the website address is submitted, Comparium conducts the testing and sends reports directly to your e-mail account. There are screenshots on mail, have a simplistic database for you to access and then decide on your own, the glitches and changes your website needs. With Comparium, website testing becomes easier.

What makes Comparium special?

Well, for starters, the first basic version of Comparium is free. You can try it out for zero cost, understand how it works, does it satisfy your needs, adjusts well to your business and then it is your choice to go ahead with making a payment and opting for the more advanced stages. Secondly, Comparium is easily compatible with multiple software, browsers, and operating systems, making it one single go-to platform for widespread all-access testing.

In fact, considering how Comparium always focuses on growth, new development and innovating, they are also one rare platform that has an Automated Testing system. They do stress, regression, and localization testing as per where your website will be launched, how costs are for it and regular software quality control requirements.  Moreover, it is because of this testing that Comparium checks layouts, code, information, design, pages etc, basically everything your website has to offer.


How should you go about testing?

So, send the URL and e-mail to Comparium. Take a call and decide which version do you want to opt for among the total 4 options that Comparium provides. Then, you specify the process by which you want to collect the final test results (be it offline or online). Also, ensure you clarify any specific type of tests you want to be conducted depending on your website.


Then, once you get the results, check if there are any discrepancies with the instructions you gave or the options you chose. Usually, considering the total customer base of Comparium and reviews, there usually isn’t an issue with test run results. Then analyze the reports, make improvements if any and then develop your website further.

Once done with development, don’t forget to once again test your website. You do not want anything less than perfection to go up as your website. This is why Comparium is fun, it isn’t difficult or tiresome to have your website tested multiple times if you make changes or opt for improvements.

So, happy cross-browser testing!

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