5 Tips to Buying a Safe Car Booster Seat for Children

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By law, every parent is expected to keep their child safe, especially when in a moving car. The car seat statistics show that the leading cause of death in children between ages 3-14 is motor vehicle crashes. In 2017, 37% of the 794 children who died as occupants in vehicle crashes in the US were not in car seats. Using age and size-appropriate child car seat could save your child’s life.  

Does your child need the high-back seat booster or the backless booster seat

When buying a booster seat for your child, your child’s age, weight, and height should be your guide. Although some of these seats show the age limit, if your child is beyond a certain weight and height, the age-appropriate booster seat may not offer him the protection and comfort expected. 

High-back booster seats are appropriate for 4-7-year-old children. If, however, your child is younger but weighs between 30 and 40 pounds, and is at least 90cm tall, you should consider getting the high-back booster. 

The backless booster seat is lightweight, and ideal for children aged between eight and twelve years. When using this booster, you should ensure your child is comfortable with your car’s headrest, and the seat belt safely holds him in place. 

Choose an adjustable booster seat to cater for a growing child

If the cost of replacing a booster seat every time your child gets older is keeping you from getting a booster seat, you should consider an adjustable one. Some of the booster seats in the market can be adjusted based on your child’s height, with some having at least six adjustable height positions. 

You can also look for booster seats which transform into a backless seat. This essentially means your four-year-old can use the same seat for years. 

Is it easy to clean?

Messes are unavoidable, especially with children in the car. It is not surprising to find children snacking in the car. It is one way to keep them busy, especially if you are on the road for hours. When choosing a booster seat, find out how easy it is to clean spills. 

Some car seat covers are machine washable, while others are easily cleaned using soap and water. The booster should also be made of a material that dries quickly. A wet booster seat is not an excuse to have your child in the car without a booster seat. 

The booster seat should meet the safety standards

Although various countries have set guidelines for safe booster seats, most have similar requirements that manufacturers should fulfil. Some of the safety features you should look for include side impact protection, harness straps that correctly fit the strongest parts of your child’s body, and if possible, extra padding for torso protection. 

When buying a booster seat, you need to ask how safe your child will be in the event of an accident. Knowing your child is always safe will give you the peace of mind you need when driving. 

The price of the booster seat doesn’t have an impact on your child’s safety. When choosing a booster, the price should not influence your choice, especially if you assume the more expensive the booster, the safer it is. Instead, focus on the features that make the seat secure. 

Buy a comfortable booster seat

A booster seat will not serve its purpose if your child will be dreading every ride because of the discomfort. Your child’s comfort and safety should be a priority when buying a booster seat. Fortunately, most boosters have high-quality double-foam padding that not only keeps your child safe, but it also ensures your child remains comfortable, even after spending several hours in the car. 

If possible, choose a booster seat with an adjustable harness and headrest. This way, you make the necessary adjustments based on your child’s needs. Boosters with cup holders, armrests and hidden storage also come in handy since your child can have everything he needs within easy reach. 

You are more likely to cause an accident if you worry about your child’s comfort when driving. One way to ensure total concentration is by providing your child with everything he or she needs before getting behind the wheel.  

Before buying a booster seat, it is important to note that the be the one that comfortably fits your child, your vehicle, and one that is correctly installed. You may get the best booster, but if you don’t fix it well, it will not keep your child safe. 

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