Windows Fort St. John: Is It Necessary To Paint Your Vinyl Windows?

Windows Fort St. John: Is It Necessary To Paint Your Vinyl Windows?

There is a phrase that states that you don’t know what you don’t know.

This is a common phrase that carries significant weight, especially when it comes to novice homeowners who might have limited know-how about vinyl windows Fort St. John. This is especially true when it comes to whether one should paint vinyl windows or not.

Now, if the idea of taking a brush to paint your vinyl windows Fort St. John makes you cringe, then there is no doubt you are an experienced homeowner with some information in issues that an average or novice homeowners might not know. However. If you are tempted to take the brush and paint your vinyl windows to give them some fresh look, then this article seems the best piece for you to read. Here are the reasons you should not paint your vinyl windows.

  1. You Could Render The Warranty Void.

If you are considering to take the brush and paint your vinyl windows Fort St. John, wait a minute. Doing so might void the warranty given by your window manufacturer.

If your Fort St John windows are covered by a warranty and it is still applicable, painting your windows would make the warranty useless. That means in case the windows become damaged, you cannot get any help from the manufacturer. You will not get any help in terms of window replacements or labour for repairs.

  1. Paint Isn’t Friendly To Vinyl Material.

If there is any good reason that should convince you to put that brush down is this one. Vinyl material is slippery, and there is no way paint is going to stick on it. There is no reason why you should paint vinyl, for sure.

So, what that means is that before you can apply your paint, you will need to sand your vinyl window to make the surface rough for the paint to cling on it. However, this will not give the desired results as the paint will chip after some time.

We don’t mean that you cannot paint your Fort St. John windows. But if you should, choose the paints that are specifically designed for vinyl. However, even these paints will chip and flake after some time, given the slippery nature of vinyl windows.

  1. The Nature Of Vinyl Doesn’t Allow For Painting.

Vinyl window is prone to warping in hot weather and becomes brittle and prone to cracking in cold weather. That is why the universal colour of the vinyl is white. So, painting the windows in a different colour could lead to warping as they are quite absorptive.

Vinyl windows Fort St. John is a great investment, even if the colour might not impress you. However, the painting will only make matters worse.

  1. Painting May Affect The Value Of Your Home.

Your Fort St. John windows are a significant investment. If you try to alter them to look differently, you might end up compromising the appeal of your entire home. When you decide to sell your property, the painted Fort St John windows might not be appealing to potential clients, and you might end up fetching little on your home value.


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