NAN Deputy Grand Chief – “Government of Canada continues to fight our children in court”

Deputy Grand Chief Walter Naveau, Nishnawbe Aski Nation
Deputy Grand Chief Walter Naveau, Nishnawbe Aski Nation

OTTAWA – Deputy Grand Chief Naveau is joining with First Nation leaders to support the Caring Society during proceedings at the Supreme Court of Canada building on Monday and Tuesday.

Deputy Grand Chief Walter Naveau has issued the following statement of support as the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society is once again in court fighting the federal government on Indigenous child welfare:

“I am disappointed that the Government of Canada continues to fight our children in court rather than coming to the table to determine the best way to move forward together. Our members have waited far too long to be compensated for Canada’s reckless discrimination, and now they are being forced to wait even longer. If this government is serious about reconciliation and improving its relationship with Indigenous Peoples, it will stop its relentless litigation and work with all parties to ensure that our children and families receive fair and just settlements.”

NAN, who has intervener status in this case along with Chiefs of Ontario and the Assembly of First Nations, supports the Caring Society’s motion against the federal government’s request for a stay on a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal order for compensation for First Nation youth and families.

In September 6, 2019, a ruling by the Tribunal ordered Canada to pay compensation to children and families, and participate in negotiations to develop potential models for delivery of compensation.

The ruling covers all First Nations children in the on-reserve child welfare system from January 2006 until a date to be determined by the Tribunal.