Leader’s Ledger – The Reality of Climate Change

Thunder Bay Superior North Liberal candidate Patty Hajdu addresses rally
Thunder Bay Superior North Liberal MP and Minister of Indigenous Services Patty Hajdu

by Minister Patty Hajdu MP

THUNDER BAY – POLITICS – Over the past months, as I spoke with the diverse people in our region, it became clear that many of us are struggling to come to terms with the effects of climate change. I met with people from all walks of life who talked about their fears, hopes, and challenges in understanding the changes we see in our natural environment. Many talked to me about the steps our government have taken to reduce carbon emissions, or our plans to reduce plastic waste. Others talked about the cost of climate adaption or changing to less carbon-intensive energy sources. Still others worried about the effect of climate change on our ways of life in Northern Ontario, citing the increase in stressors on wildlife.

To some, climate change has threatened their homes with flooding or fire. To others, changes to the outdoor landscape mean disruption to business. For many of us, it threatens our cherished recreation time in our natural settings. For emergency and disaster responders, it can mean additional pressure in sometimes almost impossible circumstances. The unifying theme, however, are the required changes we are all managing.

Climate change is complicated, difficult and there is no single solution. But one thing is clear. We cannot ignore the science and reality we are all facing. This is why we have taken strong action on the environment that includes investing in renewables, supporting public transit projects, making zero-emission vehicles more affordable, and putting a price on pollution. Our world is changing, and our government will continue to be there for communities as we adapt to climate change and reduce the devastating impact of natural disasters.

In Thunder Bay-Superior North, climate change affects so many aspects of our lives. Our homes, our way of life and our economy all depend on our ability to adapt to our changing world.  I will continue to represent our region’s unique strength and our specific challenges as we work together to ensure a safer and cleaner future for our children and grandchildren.


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