Hunter Straight-Smith Dies in Winnipeg

Hunter Straight-Smith - Image Manitoba Chiefs
Hunter Straight-Smith - Image Manitoba Chiefs

WINNIPEG – Hunter Straight-Smith has died. The three-year-old boy who was stabbed repeatedly stabbed while he lay sleeping in his home on Wednesday was on life-support, which was removed on Saturday afternoon.

Hunter Haze Straight-Smith died at 4:10 pm today according to a spokesman for the young child’s family confirmed.

The three-year-old spent the past three days in the hospital with severe brain damage as a result of the injuries he suffered in the attack.

His mother who was also assaulted at another location before her ex-boyfriend, 33-year-old Daniel Jensen went to the boy’s home and attacked him.

Jensen was charged with attempted murder. Winnipeg Police say that the charges of attempted murder are likely to be upgraded as a result of the boy’s death. This would be the 39th homicide in Winnipeg in 2019.