The Main Sights of London

The London Eye is one of the newest attractions in the city
The London Eye is one of the newest attractions in the city

LONDON – TRAVEL – London, as the world capital of culture, art, and entertainment, annually attracts 15 million tourists. Each city in the world is unique in its own way, but still, few competitors can compete with London in the number of attractions. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the most popular of them.

Thinking about London, it is essential to plan everything correctly. London is a huge city with lots of sights to see. Therefore, some people do not have enough time to see everything and feel London’s spirit, and they leave the city being disappointed. Therefore, the best decision is to use special companies that ensure that a trip to London is trouble-free.

London Eye

The London Eye is one of the newest attractions in the city. However, it has already managed to make residents and tourists fall in love with it. Along with the more ancient sights of the British capital, the London Eye is a cult symbol of the city. The wheel was built in 2000 to mark the onset of the new millennium. Today it is hard to imagine London without this impressive attraction. The cabins of the Ferris wheel are made of glass so that the daredevils who ventured to ride on it had the opportunity to view the city from all sides. Before boarding, all guests are entertained with a short 4D film.

National Gallery

The National Gallery is located right on Trafalgar Square. The National Gallery has an excellent collection of Western European paintings from the 13th to the 19th century. On the last Friday of each month, interesting workshops and lectures are held here to help visitors learn more about the history of the works presented in the gallery.


National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery displays portraits of prominent people of all times:

  • Representatives of royal families;
  • Celebrities;
  • Generals;
  • Politicians;
  • Artists;

The Portrait of the Day event is held here daily. It is a free lecture on one of the portraits exhibited in the gallery.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace was built in 1837 and began to be used as the residence of the royal family from the time of accession to the throne of Queen Victoria. To find out if the Queen is at home, just look at the flagpole adorning the roof of the building. If the royal banner is fluttered, then the Queen is in the palace. If you are lucky enough to be in London during significant events, then you can even see the Queen and her family members on the balcony, where they go to greet the people.

Double-decker Buses

The famous London double-decker buses are not only a bright attraction but also a quick, convenient, and affordable way to explore the city and view its streets, decorated with palaces, museums, and monuments. For tourist purposes, routes 9, 14, 15, and 22 are especially convenient. Buses run throughout London around the clock so that you can plan a trip at any time.

London is a city worth flying over the ocean to see. If there is a chance to visit it, do not miss it.

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