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Prevent rental issues by having an agreement in black and white. The rights of tenants and homeowners are protected when the agreement in hard from. It’s not only the tenants who suffer from the actions of the landlord. But, in many cases, the tenant’s action proves to a source of constant headache for the landlords. San Diego Restraining Order Attorney aids both parties in getting justice.

A restraining order attorney provides protection orders to the tenant against forceful or unlawful eviction from the house. Let us find out the most common reasons that may lead to a conflict between tenants and landlord: 


One of the majestic issues that lead to a conflict between the landlord and tenant is that the landlord harasses or threaten the tenant. Harassment is considered a crime too. It may scare the tenant or may indulge him in fighting with the landlord. This harassment can be to the tenant or to any of his family members such as his wife. Such dirty tactics of teasing others please the landlord and tenant endure this because he is living on the property of the landlord.

It is essential to take strict action against such a landlord as leaving the house silently is not justified at all. If the tenant is fulfilling all the clauses of the agreement, then he needs to take action against such a nonsense type of behavior. No matter whether it is the property of someone else or yours, no one has the right to threaten others or harass others. Say no to physical and mental harassment.

 Changing of Locks:

This scenario can cause a conflict between both parties. A landlord who changes the locks of the house causes difficulty for the tenants. However, changing the locks for some security purpose of other purpose makes sense. But, changing the locks when the tenant is not at home and enjoy watching him being teased is inhuman behavior. A restraining order by the court can prove to be worthy in this regard.

Payment Issues:

No one can deny the significance of the rental payment. After setting an amount of rent for the property, both parties sign the agreement. The tenant is responsible to timely pay the money to the landlord. Delay in the rental payment can lead to drastic issues. The landlord teases the tenants when they are late in payment. However, some of the tenants delay the payment as they do not find it quite important to pay timely and spend money on other unnecessary tasks such as on trips.

Another reason for delay payment is the financial crises. Well, this one is a serious issue, and the landlord has to comprehend the condition of tenants in order to avoid any conflict. The conflict is meant to disturb the life of both parties. It hurts the feelings of others as one party is supposed to disrespect the other in front of everyone. Such issues take such a hue and cry that neighbors also witness the conflict, which surely damages the reputation of the tenants. 

The law limits yearly rent increases at 5% plus inflation for the next 10 years. … limited to 8.3% while those in San Francisco would have been capped at 9%

Rental Charges:

Increasing the rental charges without informing the tenant is a wrong attitude. The landlord may charge more or add on additional charges on the tenants, which he is unable to pay to do as he is already paying the rental charge with extreme difficulty. However, if the landlord wants to increase the rental charge then he must do so after a certain period of time. Such clauses must be mentioned in the agreement papers in order to avoid a conflict.

Increase the rental charges with some percentage, such as setting some annual percentage. In such a way, you would enjoy getting your desired rental charge with the consent of the tenant.

Previous Background:

Many of the conflicts arise when both parties do not consider to know the background of each other. Tenants should get to know about the nature and behavior of the landlord by communicating about it with the neighbors. Likewise, the landlord should be aware that the civilians he is about to have on his property are an honest and loyal person. In many cases, people with a quilling nature or criminal may reside in the property.

Get to know the background of both parties. Although it consumes some time, in the end, you would be pleased that you have made the right choice. Else, the issues of routine trifle would be experienced. Evicting such people out of the home is quite difficult, and they even get protection from the law by getting a restraining order. So, ensure to take the wise step of having knowledge about the other party before signing the agreement. 

Disputes with Neighbors:

Tenants not only indulge in conflicts and quarrels with the landlord but also with neighbors. Neighbors do not like such sort of tenants who tease them. Tenants throwing the garbage in the street or in other’s neighbor homes are a source of constant trouble. Fighting among neighbors can even lead to physical harm as well as they become uncontrolled after exchanging hot words.

Such issues are transferred to the landlord and neighbors request the landlord to free the society from such tenants. It indeed adds more fire to the conflict. No one wants to have dispute creating tenants in their home. So, maintain a healthy relationship with others or keep a distance from them if you are not willing to interact with them.   

Issues of Repairing:

The landlord is responsible for all sorts of repairs that the property demands. He has to spend his money on all the issues regarding the property. When any new issue is being figured out by the tenant, then he communicates such an issue to the landlord. The landlord has to fix the issue as early as possible. The issue can be the broken stairs, improper sewerage, leakage of pipes, etc. He has to call the concerned person immediately to fix the issue.

Delays the issue can lead to potential harms such as falling of tenant’s kid on the floor and getting injured. Likewise, the landlord may ignore the request of tenants regarding the repairs. It gives rise to more catastrophic events as well as disputes between both parties. 

Past Due-Utilities:

There is a risk that tenants may leave home without paying the utility bills. Tenants are supposed to pay the bills of electricity, gas, and other services they are receiving while residing in the rental home. There can be pending dues of several months that are not known to the landlord. As soon as he comes to know about it then the issue may arise. There may be a risk that the tenant has left home and the landlord comes to know about such issues later on.

In such cases, there is no solution except to endure the loss. One method is to know the reputation of the tenant before indulging in the agreement. The other method involves the confirmation that all utility bills are paid at the time of the eviction of the tenant.

Intentional Damage:

As the landlord is supposed to pay for the losses and to fix them, so the tenants take advantage of such a scenario. Well, not all the tenants are greedy enough to take advantage, but some have such a sort of mentality to intentionally damage the property. They damage the property so that the landlord pay money from his pocket and suffer from financial loss. The persistent activities of intentional damage to the property can unveil the fact that these are just tactics to tease the landlord.

Landlord gets offended when he comes to know about such dirty tactics. Prevent the issues of intentional damage by catching the tenant red-handed. Another way is to investigate how such an issue occurs. The landlord may even become massively furious to order the tenant to go out of the home.

Seek Attention of Attorney:

An attorney can resolve such issues by listening to the stories of both ends. When the issue becomes out of control, then the attorney can prove to be a source of help. Unlawful eviction or teasing to tenants is illegal. Lawyers are well aware of the rights of both parties. They carefully analyze the agreement and find out who is at fault. The attorney chosen should be quite competent and professional. To estimate the competence of lawyer, figure out about his case winning ratio in the last 5 or 10 years.

After the selection of the lawyer, get to know about the fee that is about to charge for the issue. Get to know about the tactic that he is about to use and the estimated time required for the legal proceeding. It is better to not hide any information from the lawyer else you may get into hot water. Ensure to tell everything in detail to the lawyer. Without legal help, you cannot get the success that you want. Breaching the contract makes you at fault and can lead you to suffer from legal issues. Hence, tenants and landlords have to abide by the contract clauses.


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