12 times you absolutely need a lawyer

Accidents are inevitable in our lives. Mostly, accidents and injuries happen as a result of human negligence. If you are injured due to another person’s negligence, you deserve a compensation for the damages and the injuries you have incurred.

We live in a modern world where it is easy for people to stand for their rights. Even if you think you know it all, the lawyer will guide you in the right way to proceed with a case peacefully. There are many situations that we can’t handle in life which is why it becomes imperative to consider professional help. A lawyer is a person who knows the law and deals in legal matters.

In this article, we will tell you about ten situations you will need a lawyer in. Even a lawyer himself will need another person to help him if he is convicted of something. Many people choose either a friend or family member, a professional trustee as their lawyer.

Following are some of the situations when you will need an attorney:

  1. Criminal charges

Once you are convicted of a minor charge or a felony, you immediately need to contact a lawyer. Some people make a common mistake of applying for bail as soon as they are arrested by the cops. However, experts say the mindful move is to hire a lawyer who has hands-on experience of dealing with such cases. Criminal charges are notorious, so even if you are innocent, a minor mistake could lead you to spend the rest of your life behind bars. Once you’re arrested, you need to maintain your cool and request the cops not to force you to answer any questions unless your lawyer isn’t standing by your side. The benefit of a criminal attorney is he/she will help you in the best way possible and fashion you to appear in front of the court for legal proceedings.

  1. Car accident injury

Everyday a lot of people engage in car accidents which is when many of them sue the other party when hefty damage has been done. So if you have experienced any physical or emotional damage because of the other party, you must hire a suitable attorney who will help you in fighting the case. Most of the time people get paid less compensation against the damage which has been caused. An experienced lawyer will not only present your case in the best possible way but will also help you in getting maximum compensation.

  1. Wrongful termination from workplace

Getting fired for no reason hurts badly, but there’s no need to worry if you’re innocent. If the company has done a breach of the employment contract or terminated you on unfair grounds, you can always sue them. Though, companies have their reasons for terminating employees but not every termination is right. Once you hire an experienced lawyer, he/she will help you in picking up all the important pieces to present you innocent in the courts of law. The government has laws that protects the worker’s rights.

  1. Workers compensation

Whenever something happens to the workers at the workplace, the company is liable to provide the cost for the damage which has occurred. However, insurance companies try their level best to make sure they don’t have to pay much. Many companies completely deny any damage and insurance companies often reject the worker’s claims. If your company is denying your compensation, you must contact a suitable attorney. For example, a citizen of Los Angeles can google Los Angeles wage and hour attorney to get a list of all professionals working in the city.

  1. Workplace Discrimination

If your dream job turns into a nightmare, you can always take the legal route to get rid of the issues. Workplace discrimination is a rampantly growing issue which is a major problem for a lot of people in this world. If you have been fired, discriminated, harassed on the job you can sue your company. Furthermore, if the employer insults you based on your color, race, ethnicity, religion or disability, this means you have suffered from employment discrimination which is punishable by law. You can file a claim against the company by hiring an experienced attorney.

  1. Divorce and child custody

There’s nothing better than being married, but things can turn sour if two people decide to split with irrecoverable differences. A family lawyer will help you in this regard. Divorce is not the only time when you will need a lawyer. If you have kids and need to claim custody, you will have to hire a lawyer to defend your side. Especially when it comes to the distribution of property, wealth, valuable assets between two people, the need for a lawyer becomes imperative. Sometimes the couple engages in a deadly divorce, which is when it is crucial to get legal help to fight the case in court.

  1. Civil lawsuit

Keep in mind, a lot of us won’t be sued by people or might not sue others, but many get involved in civil lawsuits. There are many instances in life when people sue other people because of personal and emotional loss. Though the background of the case might not be very concrete, once filed, you will need a lawyer to defend you in court. However, if you want to sue somebody, you must talk to an attorney first. If you sue somebody based on vague evidence, the tables might turn on your side.

  1. Writing a will

The division of property and wealth has become a real issue in the modern world. Now there are ways with which people cheat their loved ones. This is the main reason why a lot of people are hiring lawyers who will witness the will which is drafted. If you want to write a will for your children, you can hire an attorney who will keep a note of everything you’ve written. We live in a day and age where it is possible for people to mold things into what they want. Therefore it is crucial to have an attorney in this regard.

  1. Bankruptcy

There are many reasons why you could easily go bankrupt. This situation happens when you don’t have any balance in your bank account to pay off the debt. Once you go bankrupt, the only hope you have is to get a delay in the payment without being burdened with other charges which would inflate the exact amount. Surprisingly, lawyers help in this regard too and can help you in getting more time to pay off your debt. However, the bankruptcy documentation is different for every type of bank so you must hire a bankruptcy lawyer who has experience in handling such cases.

  1. Starting a business

Even if you have the best business idea in the world you cannot expect people to not bother you at some point in time. When starting a new business, it is crucial to have a lawyer by your side to protect your business identity in the commercial market. Whenever a new business joins the commercial bandwagon, negative people try to copy the logo and other important elements which are the sole property of the business. When you hire an experienced attorney, he/she will preserve every important information of the business in the best possible way.

  1. Personal injury

If you have been hurt by somebody else and have suffered physical and emotional loss, you can contact a personal injury lawyer to claim compensation. Personal injury lawyers are involved in cases where a person gets hurt because of a professional malpractice, car accident or a wrong prescription. If you register for the case yourself, you might get rejected. However, once you hire a veteran professional, he/she will make sure you get the maximum compensation out of the case. You must choose the right attorney to make sure you don’t lose the case.

  1. Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a rampantly growing disease that affects everyone in this world. However, some people get affected to the extent that they need professional help. Cybercrime is inclusive of a security breach, identity theft, harassment online, sexual harassment of young children, etc. The number of victims who fall prey to this problem has increased down the years. Unfortunately even in this day and age, talking about cybercrime is a taboo because many people choose to not talk about their issues. So if you ever experience being bullied by somebody online, you must take the case to the courts of law and contact a cybercrime lawyer.


Lastly, it is crucial to select the right person for the job. When you are choosing an attorney to fight your case, you should have confirmation of the veracity of a person’s experience, valid license, and portfolio. If you are hiring somebody who has online active social media profiles, you can read the client testimonials to know about the pros and cons of working with the person. Even if you try to avoid, you will at some point in time in life need a lawyer to get through a tough situation. If you are an active working person, you will surely go through one of the situations for once in your life.

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