13 types of attorneys you need to know

Can a law firm own another business?

Attorneys who are often referred to as lawyers are people who hold academic degrees in the field of law and have a valid license to practice it. They know the law and help people in their legal matters. There are many different types of lawyers in the commercial market owing to so many issues that people have.

If you think a single lawyer knows it all, you’re wrong!

Most attorneys practice their niche and not necessarily have complete information on the rest of the rules and procedures.

The Guardian from Britain says that while “The final episode was broadcast in 1966, (television lawyer) Perry Mason continues to inspire a certain kind of American courtroom drama in which the gifted attorney dramatically demonstrates the defendant’s innocence

In this article we will guide you through 13 different kinds of attorneys you must know. Even if you think you won’t need one, there might be a situation in life when you will have to cross paths with a lawyer. Following is a list of different lawyers you must know:

  1. Family Lawyers

They are responsible for handling domestic cases that are related to divorce, child custody, distribution of property, guardianship, etc. The best part about family lawyers is they don’t only provide legal support but equally push the couple to reconcile if they can. The nature of their work demands them to put some part of their emotional side on the table for their clients. So if you hire a family lawyer for your divorce case, the attorney will listen to your case completely and then try to figure out some way for both of you to come together. Only when things turn sour will the lawyer proceed with your case in the courts of law.

  1. Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers are crucial when one of the parties sues the other on account of causing physical or emotional damage. So if you got hit by a car by somebody you could file a case on them for the damage they’ve done. Personal injury is not just inclusive of the physical damage but equally weighs the emotional loss that has been caused to a person. If you suffered from food poisoning after eating from a restaurant you could hire a personal injury attorney to proceed with your case. The benefit of a personal injury attorney is he/she will help you in getting the maximum compensation against the damage which is caused because of the other party.

  1. Business Lawyers

They are also known as corporate lawyers and are crucial for a new business. If you are starting a new business, you must hire a corporate lawyer to look after your legal affairs and public matters. It is common for every business to witness many issues in the market. Corporate lawyers are well trained in their field and help the business in managing, transferring, maintaining the venture. However, lawyers in this area are mostly concerned with employment contracts, state taxes, mergers, etc. They can also settle employment disputes and other serious issues in the workplace. However, most of the business lawyers have a very high fee which is why they often work for only large organizations.

  1. Tax Lawyers

It is the right of the state to acquire tax from every working company. However, it is not crucial for the CEO to take care of such matters. Tax lawyers are responsible for working like hand and glove with the accountant to calculate the amount of tax which is to be paid. If you wish to set up a business in a new state you must consult a tax lawyer to get a perspective of the taxes you’ll have to pay on the property and the business. Tax lawyers are pivotal when it comes to solving disputes between IRS and large businesses. They have their style of working which is why they are different from accountants.

  1. Immigration Lawyers

If you’re applying for immigration in any country you will need the services of a professional attorney to help you out. Keep in mind, immigration laws are comprehensive, and there’s a lot of paperwork involved. If you don’t apply the right way, chances are that your visa will vary likely get rejected. Immigration lawyers have complete knowledge of such cases and can rightly navigate the client. Furthermore, they also help with deportation cases. So next time if you want to apply for immigration in the US, you must hire an experienced immigration attorney.

  1. Environmental lawyers

These lawyers have been advocated in the light of changing climatic conditions. However, they are not easily found and work for large organizations, groups, governments, and other entities. They are responsible for issuing public statements regarding sites and different places. Whenever a certain place becomes public interest, it is common for issues to stem out. Environmental lawyers take control of the situation and reach upon a conclusion that is based on facts and figures available.

  1. Criminal Lawyers

If you ever get charged with a minor crime or a felony, you will need a criminal lawyer to help you out. Especially when innocent people are convicted, it becomes crucial to hire a lawyer. However, to win the case, you must hire an experienced attorney who must possess hands-on experience of the job. Felony cases can be quite troublesome and if you don’t have the right lawyer by your side, you could potentially be putting your trial at risk. Criminal lawyers are responsible for registering bails and grooming their clients so they can be presented to the court.

  1. Estate Planning Lawyers

Though most people refrain from talking about death a mindful decision is to prepare for it before you leave this world. Whenever older adults pass away there is always a chance of the family engaging in a tough fight for the property. Estate planning lawyers are responsible for helping out their clients in sorting the assets and properties they wish to leave and divide amongst their children when they pass away. However, that’s not all; an estate attorney also helps the clients in building up trust funds for the minor beneficiaries.

  1. Malpractice Lawyers

In a world where professional always guarantee no mistakes, it is still common for a lot of people to get affected because of a professional’s mistake. Malpractice occurs when you get effected because of somebody else’s mistake. For example, if your operation didn’t go well because of faulty equipment used by the doctor, you can hire a malpractice attorney to hold that doctor accountable. Since all the professionals have their ethics and codes of standards, whosoever violates the codes will be held accountable.

  1. Labor Lawyers

The state protects the right of laborers. Whenever it comes to solving the issues of the labor class, insurance companies and many organizations brush the issues under the carpet. Especially when it comes to paying the compensation, most insurance companies often deny the claims which are made by laborers. So if you are from California you can google Long beach workers comp attorney to get a list of all the professionals who are working in that state. These attorneys help workers get the maximum compensation against any damage which has occurred.

  1. Bankruptcy Lawyers

It is common for people to go bankrupt after overspending their money. You will be shocked to know an average American has a debt worth $38000, which is exclusive of house mortgage and rent. For people who are struggling with financial issues, bills and those who want to get a delay in the payment of their debt, it is crucial to hire a bankruptcy lawyer. Furthermore, they also help in dealing with creditors and in getting more time to pay off the debts without any additional charges or interest.

  1. Civil Litigation Lawyer

Every year the courts of law are flooded with a lot of civil litigation cases. Civil litigation lawyers are also referred to as general lawyers. The primary cases they deal with are those in which a party has violated the terms or conditions of a contract. Most people think these lawyers have simple work on their shoulders, but civil litigation cases go through an archaic procedure. However their fee is very high, and they won’t take up every case they are presented with.

  1. Cyber Crime Lawyers

Cybercrime is a rampantly growing issue which has affected the most part of the world. If you are active on social media and other online platforms, you certainly would have gone through some harassment at a point of time in life. Cybercrime is inclusive of data breaching, identify theft, harassment, hacking, sexual exploitation of young children bullying. If you have been bullied by somebody to the extent that your life is at stake, you must hire a cybercrime lawyer to chase the online predator.


Similarly, there are many other types of lawyers according to the different kinds of problems which continue to rise every single day. Lawyers have a tough life for they have to cater to all kinds of people in the world. If you ever engage in any one of the situations mentioned above, you must hire a suitable attorney to help you out. However, you must hire somebody who is experienced, knows his/her work and seems professional with a good portfolio and a viable social media profile.

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