Treaty Three Police Warn of Deadly Fentanyl in Region

Treaty 3 Police

KENORA – NEWS – Treaty Three Police are issuing a warning to the public over potentially deadly drugs that could show up in the region.

In August 2019 members of the Treaty Three Police Service seized illegally possessed prescription medication during a search warrant in the First Nation Territory of Shoal Lake #39. Prescription pills collected by the officers at that time were identified as being Oxycodone (Percocet) due to the size, shape, and markings. All controlled substances seized by the police are analyzed by Health Canada to confirm their identity and in this case, the prescription tablets seized have been identified to contain fentanyl.

The Treaty Three Police Service is urging the public to remain vigilant and be aware that imitation drugs are being sold in the area that can pose a serious health risk or could be fatal if consumed. Prescription medication should only be taken in accordance with a physician’s instructions and from a trusted pharmacy. The pills seized by police in Shoal Lake #39 look exactly like a Percocet but contain fentanyl, not oxycodone; a drug that is known to be substantially stronger and potentially fatal.

The public is reminded that additional information regarding fentanyl overdoses is available online or by contacting the Northwest Health Unit. Anyone with information regarding the sale of these drugs is requested contact Treaty Three Police Service or contact Crime Stoppers at 1-(800) 222- 8477 (TIPS).