Top 10 Reasons for Crime

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There’s no escape from the fact; the crime rate continues to increase every single day despite the governments taking so many precautionary measures. The truth be told, the real world is a blend of multiple opportunities and mixed economies which is why a lot of people get left out. You will be shocked to know, google lists America as one of the most dangerous countries of the world to live in. There are many reasons why people commit crimes. Though there has been immense improvement in the safety and security department, yet criminals don’t seem to pull their punches back. In this article we will guide you through ten reasons why people commit crime. Many studies around the world have given some of the most cliché reasons for why people commit crimes. However, the weirdest thing about the criminal world is that every day unfolds a new reason for why people dive full throttle in this field. Some of the common reasons for committing crime are:


1.      Poverty

This is perhaps one of the most concrete reasons why people commit crimes. Economic deprivation is seen as a major instigator in this regard. You will be shocked to know that 3 billion people in this world are categorized as poor and living on a very lower per capita income. UNICEF says more than 1 billion children are living in poverty worldwide. More than 20,000 children die due to poverty every day. In a country where economic deprivation is rampant, it is common for people to engage in criminal acts. The hunger and poor economic conditions are what leads many people to invest themselves in criminal cases.

Furthermore, when people are unable to earn for the longest time, they often start getting frustrated. The truth be told, by the latest research, the digital medium and television play a very important role in telling people about how several criminal acts can be bought to life.

We live in a time where the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer every single day. In any type of crime, if you think you are not guilty, you will need a Criminal Defence Lawyer.

2.      Peer Pressure

This is a new form of concern in the modern world. Many young people commit crimes because they see a lot of their peers engaging in such acts. It is common for high school students and college going students to engage in drugs, weed, marijuana and a lot more. Young age is very critical since one isn’t filled with wisdom and experience which is why a lot of people make the mistake of becoming criminals for no reason at all. Most youths who don’t have a strong will to neglect or confront minor criminal acts often end up getting involved in big troubles. Unfortunately many young people in this world don’t realize that they’re doing multiple criminal acts by being a part of things they aren’t supposed to be. Therefore peer pressure is another notorious reason for why young people are compelled into joining the bandwagon.

3.      Drugs

Drugs have always been highly criticized by critics. A person who is addicted to drug will at one point in time do something he/she isn’t supposed to do. Drug addicts are often unable to get rid of addiction as a result of which their life starts getting filled with bad habits. A poor lifestyle compels a person to adopt habits which he/she should distance themselves from. After research, when the most violent criminals were asked about their crimes, they blamed drugs as the main reason. Drug addiction is another rampantly growing disease which has slowly encapsulated many parts of the world. As many as 0.7 million people die from drug addiction in US alone.

4.      Politics

This issue is often brushed under the carpet but is important to bring it in the spotlight. The drive to get that seat is what swings many politicians to equip the youths with weapons and perform criminal activities. In this day and age it is common for politicians to hire mobs and rent people at lower prices to break into a building or start a war-like situation within the country. Politics have always been the subject of severe media scrutiny, and the truth be told, it is often the mother of all the problems in nations which haven’t stabilized. In developing countries it is common for politicians to kill people and to be found guilty of murder. There have been several cases in Asian countries where politicians were found guilty of having killed their people in masses.

5.      Religion

Religion is another controversial part of this world. No one can escape from the fact; people still fight on racial divides and sectarian issues in society. Even though practicing own religion is a basic human right, yet many uneducated and illiterate people fail to understand it. In several criminal cases, religious fanatics have been accused of murdering innocent people based on their school of thought. Especially in staunchly religious communities it is common for people to chop off the heads of their people in case they find somebody talking about the modern world. However, in advanced and secular countries, the criminal rate because of religion is fairly less.

6.      Family Conditions

Family is also a weak point of any person who is about to commit a crime. If you’re not being able to provide for the entire family as a poor person, at one point in time you will think of walking the negative path to get what your family needs. In most cases, when people are asked, they claim they need to provide for the family because of which they end up getting stuck behind bars. There are many things which go on within the family, compelling a person to get involved in criminal activities. Many young people engage in criminal activities for they believe it is their responsibility to take care of family even if it means to commit a felony. In many murder cases, young people are often caught who then explained how the rich bribe them handsomely to do something they’re not supposed to.

7.      The Society

Societal norms and standards have always been topical. We live in a day and age where money is valued more than relationships and a normal standard of life. In the drive to succeed; many people fail to create a demarcation between their needs and wants. In a society where even universities are teaching children to earn money instead of realizing its value, one can never say crimes won’t be committed. Some parents have a bizarre habit of comparing their children with other kids which is why their kids often indulge in criminal activities to make a lot of money. When people flaunt their wealth in society it is common for less privileged people to feel compelled to earn more. Therefore if you’re flaunting your wealth in front of the poor and needy or anyone from a middle-class background, you’re contributing to the crime stats of the society in some way.

8.      Unemployment

This skyrocketing factor in many countries is often the main reason why so many people commit crimes. You will be shocked to know more than 30% of people in this world are unemployed. It is quite frustrating after one fails to get a job post studying for years in high school and university. Unemployment is not just an issue relevant to the developing countries but equally common in developed countries. Unfortunately people spend a lot of money on their education, but seldom come across a good job immediately post the completion of their studies. Most youngsters destroy their careers when they engage in criminal activities very early on in their lives.

9.      Deprivation

This is another major reason for crime rates increasing every day. In countries where there is economic deprivation of even the basic rights, it is common for people to rebel and transition into doing notorious activities. Furthermore in small communities it is common for people to engage in fights over land, property, wealth etc. Therefore to get their voices heard, many people commit crimes for the world to see what they’ve done. Especially during election campaigns, it is common for angry people to destroy cars, houses and properties to tell the government how cruel they can be if not entitled to their rights.

10.  Unfair judicial system

People who are not served justice become hostile and often engage in crimes. Though most of the courts of law try to do their best in the light of available evidence and all, but sometimes the innocent are proven guilty in the court which compels them to show the ugly side of their personality to the world. As many as thousands of people blame the judicial system as unfair and commit crimes. Many often kill the members of the winning party when justice is not served to them. In many developing countries, it is common for people in small communities to kill each other based on simple issues. If you’re from US and want to meet a suitable criminal lawyer on account of a relative or friend you must search Los Angeles criminal lawyer to get a list of all working professionals of that state.


Lastly, we would like to conclude, it is crucial to stay away from crime. The world is completely blind in separating needs from desires. Even if you have less money for survival, you must be happy with it instead of willing to contour yourself in the pool of crime.

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