Ten ways to avoid a car accident

Car Accident

In this day and age, it is common for accidents to happen every single day. Millions of people die every year as a result of car accidents which is why it becomes imperative to take necessary steps. After the death of veteran actor Paul Walker, the media industry was in a rage and criticized the government for allowing people to speed up as they liked. In this article, you will be guided through ten ways through which you can avoid a car collision. You will be shocked to know more than 1.25 million people die in road crashes every day. This number is not the exact representation since a lot of cases go unregistered. More than half of these accidents happen with young adults who fall in the age bracket of 15 to 44 years. However, if you want to avoid car accidents you must take some simple steps to get rid of any possible issue. Many naïve and young drivers engage in accidents every year which is why it is crucial to stay away from driving unless yore, not a complete expert. Some simple ways to get rid of car accidents are:

car accident

1.      Stay out of the fast lane

There is no need to race with the rest of the vehicles. It is better to arrive late than never. Most accidents occur in the fast lane. Therefore you must keep away from it. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drive on it. If you do, you need to be careful when driving. If you’re in the middle of the fast lane you have escape options if somebody is very likely to cause a problem. However, keep in mind the highway patrol is very likely to keep an eye on you if you’re driving on the left side. Fast lane is the home for road accidents which is why most people refrain from driving on it. If you have hands-on experience of driving you must beware of any possible occurrence while driving on the fast lane and drive at a normal speed.

2.      Avoid blind spots

While driving, it is crucial to take a sneak peek of the area which is not visible in the front row. So if you adjust your rearview and side mirrors, you will be able to get a proper panoramic view of the backside of the car. However, don’t invest time in adjusting the mirrors of your car while driving. Most accidents occur when people divert their attention from driving to other activities. However you shouldn’t completely rely on the side mirrors, you must take a look at the lanes on your right and left side to avoid accidents. For example, if you’re driving on a busy road, you must keep away from constantly adjusting the side mirror to avoid any accident. Furthermore, there’s no need to completely rely on the mirrors on the roadside.

3.      Position your seat properly

Your comfort level during sitting is very crucial. Your driving will get better if your seat is close enough to the wrist of your hands. Cars in which drivers are far distant from the seats, it is difficult to focus on driving. Secondly, you can also adjust the height of your seat according to your comfort. If your height is short and you find it difficult to comply with the steering, you can adjust cushions and pillows underneath your seat to have a good experience of driving. If your seat isn’t comfortable, your entire attention will be towards trying to achieve a stable position while driving. For short travel, things can work, but if you’re out on a long drive, you must make sure that your comfort level is stored.

4.      Know your car

Every car has its limits and features, which is why you must have complete information about your vehicle. If you don’t know about the maximum speed limit of your car, you could kill yourself by over speeding. Secondly, you cannot comfortably drive your car unless you don’t know about its wheels and the way they should be navigated. You should be mandatorily familiar with your car’s tires and brakes. So in case you get engaged in a tough situation, you will easily be able to get out of the issue fast. People who have less information about their vehicles are very likely to engage in car accidents at the end of the day.

5.      Be cautious at night time

Most accidents happen during night time since roads don’t have enough lights. Even if you’re driving in the rushy streets of New York City, you will come across a few places where the streets don’t have enough lights. Many people refrain from driving during night time for they have vision issues. Especially when drivers are drunk, things can get more intense and chaotic. Therefore it is better to be more careful during night time. If you are willing to go on a long trip during the night, you must make sure your car’s front lights are working perfectly. Refrain from drinking while driving at night and always have a torchlight in your car in case there is a risk of light failing to work.

6.      Remain alerted for threats

If you are a hands-on driver, you should drive in a way that you’re also looking for potential problems while driving. Even if you have the coolest attitude towards life, you will need to wear some bit of seriousness on yourself to make sure there’s no trouble ahead. If you see a pedestrian not being able to cross the road, you can always park the car on one side and lend a helping hand. If you see a car speeding in different directions, you must keep a smart distance from the car to avoid any possible collision. Similarly, if you are skeptical about an accident or a collision between two cars in your front, you must distance yourself from the scene. There are many instances when you will feel hysterical in the middle of a road.

7.      Drive with your hands in the proper position

As a driver, you should know the art of driving appropriately. If you don’t know the exact way to navigate the wheels of the car, you must refrain from driving. The best position to drive a car is 9 and 3 ‘o clock instead of making any other angle. In this way you will be able to get the maximum control of the vehicle. However if you are being forced to assume a driving position which you’re not comfortable with, you will very likely get yourself in trouble. Therefore your hands should be at a 180-degree angle to ensure safe driving. Many accidents occur when people lose control of the wheels during driving. If you are from Florida and want to find a suitable attorney in case of a car collision you must google Clay County Car Accident Lawyer to find a suitable person.

8.      Judge a driver by the condition of the car

If you spot a car which is in a terrible condition, you must distance yourself from it during driving. You cannot tell the content of the book by its cover, but you can tell about a driver’s discipline with the condition of the car. If the car is in good condition, you can’t be sure about no accident happening; however if the car is in a terrible condition and hasn’t been cleaned for the longest time, you better keep away from the vehicle to avoid any collision. Many people overlook their car’s condition which is why they get in trouble.

9.      Keep your car well maintained

The most common reason for accidents happening in the car is not in good condition. You must read the instruction manual to know how your car needs to be maintained. In this day and age, cars are manufactured in a way that they don’t need much effort to shine and work well. However, every vehicle is different from the other in terms of its functionality and speed. So if you’re planning a long road trip with the family, your car should be perfect in terms of everything. Make sure the engine is well oiled, and the breaks are perfectly working.

10.  Take care of other people on the road

It isn’t just you who is driving on the road; there are many other people who are driving on the road. You need to be extra cautious on the road. There are many times when you will suddenly hear the ambulance’s alarm on the road, and you’ll have to give space to it. If you try to rebel, you might become the reason for the other person losing his/her life. As a responsible citizen, you should have proper discipline while driving. You shouldn’t play oud music on the road, and there is no need to drive fast. If you become selfish on the road, you will never be able to regard yourself as a good driver.


Lastly, it is imperative to wear a seat belt when driving. Don’t forget to keep the toolbox in your car. If you’re out on a long drive, you should have all the important things you need.

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