12 disadvantages of drinking alcohol for the body

Disadvantages of drinking alcohol for the body

Alcohol is regarded as the life of the party by many but also a problematic beverage by a lot of people. Alcohol’s impact on the body starts from the moment when a person takes their first sip. A single glass of wine might not do much damage, but too much drinking can have serious repercussions. Some people have a habit of drinking casually which becomes an issue for them at the end of the day. In this article, we will guide you through 12 disadvantages of alcohol for the body. Keep in mind anything apart from clean water which you drink will anyways have an impact on your health. Therefore it is crucial to avoid alcohol drinking as much as you can. The human body is pure when it gets born; therefore it is crucial to eat and drink the right food and beverages to stay healthy. Following are some of the cons of alcohol for the human body:

1.      Inflammatory Damage

The liver is the most important part of the body for it is responsible for cleaning the body and removing harmful substances from it. Alcohol has never been body friendly. So if you drink alcohol with the pursuit of acknowledging it as a healthy drink, you are doing nothing but fooling yourself. People who drink alcohol also develop a high risk of chronic liver cancer and many other liver diseases. When a person continues to drink alcohol, a scar starts forming on the liver. This formation of the scar tissue is responsible for liver damage. Once your liver gets damaged, it becomes difficult for it to remove harmful substances from the body.

2.      Central Nervous System

The easiest way to understand alcohol’s impact on the body is to see how it deteriorates the central nervous system of the body. People who get down with this disease have a slurred speech and tend to get bad coughs as well. Another dangerous impact of alcohol on the body is it can reduce the communication between the brain and the body. This is why a lot of people lose their consciousness as soon as they start drinking alcohol. People also complain of numbness and tingling sensation in the hands and feet. That’s not all; alcohol also affects the memory and makes it difficult for the brain to remember important facts and figures. The frontal lobe of the brain is the area that gets damaged and is the one that is responsible for short term memory, emotional control and making important judgments.

3.      Digestive System

The relationship between alcohol and the digestive system is still not clear. However, after one gets affected, the signs start appearing clearly. The more you continue to drink, the greater the damage will be in the body. Too much drinking can damage the intestine and make it difficult for the body to digest food and absorb important nutrients. Heavy drinking can lead to one feeling full all the time, bloatedness, gassiness and even give diarrhea. For people who are heavy drinkers, it is common for them to get stuck with ulcers and pass painful stools.

4.      Effect on sexual health

People drink alcohol in the pursuit of having more fun time in bed, but the truth be told, the real situation is contrary. Men who drink too much alcohol are very likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction which is dangerous for their sexual health. Furthermore, women who are heavy alcohol drinkers might suffer from painful pregnancies and will surely have a severe effect on their baby’s health. A normal human body produces enough sex hormones, but heavy drinking lowers the libido levels and curtails the hormone production in the body which is crucial for the human body during sex.

5.      Immune System

The immune system of the body should be strong enough to fight all possible issues. If your immune system is not strong, you will very likely get affected with any possible disease which walks your path. People who drink alcohol have a weak immune system and are vulnerable to falling ill very fast. Pneumonia and tuberculosis are two rampantly growing diseases which have encapsulated much of the world population. Alcohol drinkers are much likely to suffer from this issue. Stats show more than 10% of tuberculosis is caused due to alcohol drinking. That’s not all; alcohol drinking can give birth to several types of cancers such as colon, mouth, and breast. Breast cancer is a disease that is very common among women.

6.      Deteriorating physical appearance

This is another major disadvantage of drinking too much alcohol. People who drink alcohol casually are very liable to get struck with obesity. Many overweight people are often down because of too much alcohol drinking. Physical appearance is crucial in this day and age with social media being a rage. If you are down with alcohol drinking, you will very likely suffer from less lucrative opportunities in the corporate market and will suffer for the rest of your lives.

7.      Digestive and endocrine glands

Our pancreas is responsible for giving birth to the digestive enzymes which help in digesting the food which we eat. Sadly, alcohol intake can curtail the normal production of digestive enzymes and take it to an abnormal level. The buildup of these enzymes is toxic for the body and gives rise to a problem which is known as pancreatitis. This issue lasts for a longer time and dares to create serious complications in the human body. So next time you want to take a sip of alcohol you must remember the damage you are doing to your body.

8.      Sugar levels

The pancreas is responsible for regulating a normal flow of insulin in the body and glucose.  However, people who drink alcohol abnormally will very likely have a damaged pancreas and liver which won’t allow a normal flow of sugar in the body. Whenever we eat sugar, the pancreas is responsible for managing it. However, binge drinking prevents the pancreas from producing enough insulin which is responsible for controlling sugar. This can lead to a condition which is known as hyperglycemia which is known as a lot of sugar content in the blood. This condition can worsen a person’s health. Many people have diabetes and abnormal sugar levels in the blood because of which they have to stay on hefty medicines all their lives.

9.      Dependency

Alcohol addiction is rampantly growing disease in the world which has encapsulated the lives of millions of people across the globe. Every year millions of people die as a result of this disease, and many fall prey to this deadly disease. However, when they visit the doctor to get rid of an addiction, alcohol withdrawal is another major thing they have to fight. Many people prefer medical detoxification in the meantime to get rid of the issue. Detoxification is done based on the intensity of the damage which has been done. Some of the common symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include nausea, vomiting, depression, tremors, mental health worsening, high blood pressure, etc.

10.  Circulatory system

Alcohol drinking is not good for the heart and lungs. It is crucial for the heart to pump blood to the body all the time. However, when you drink a lot of alcohol it is common for the human body to have an abnormal heartbeat which can be very notorious. People who drink too much alcohol are at a higher risk of developing heart-related diseases. A shocking fact is women who drink alcohol are more likely than men to develop heart disease. There are multiple circulatory complications which are an irregular heartbeat, high blood, pressure, stroke, heart failure, heart disease and difficulty for the heart to pump blood to the rest of the body.

11.  Skeletal and muscle systems

To have a happy life you need to have a body with strong bones. Keep in mind, everything you drink apart from clean water has an impact on the body be it in a good or negative way. Long term use of alcohol might prevent the body from having strong bones. People who are involved in binge drinking are very likely to cause bone thinning and have an increased risk of a bone fracture. People who drink alcohol casually complain it causes weakness in the muscles, frequent cramping and eventually atrophy. Therefore it is better to refrain from drinking alcohol.

12.  Nerve damage

Alcohol doesn’t just affect the large organ of the body but has an equal impact on the small organs of the body. Too much alcohol drinking can lead to thinning of the blood vessels which is dangerous for the body. People who suffer from nerve damage have to suffer from many problems in life. Another shocking fact is too much alcohol intake can lead to the penetration of the fat tissues of the brain which can damage the neurons. Nerve damage is a common issue amongst frequent drinkers of alcohol.

When to avoid alcohol drinking?

It is crucial to avoid alcohol drinking as much as one can. However keep in mind, if you don’t have a tolerance for alcohol, you will very likely lose consciousness after one or two drinks. You must not drink alcohol in college, school, during a party, a public gathering. People who drink alcohol during driving often engage in road accidents which can even lead to death. If you are a resident of California and get arrested for driving under the influence you can contact Orange County DUI attorney to get rid of the charge.


Alcohol drinking has never done anything good for the body. Though it has some benefits, the cons of drinking alcohol outdistance the pros. Therefore if you want to have a healthy body, it is crucial to eat and drink the right food.

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