15 self-employment business options for millennials

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There’s no escape from the fact that this world continues to get smaller with technology being so rampant. If it hadn’t been for technology and the Internet, many businesses would have never been known to the world. The intriguing part about millennials is they are aspirational and motivated to do their work. There are many business ideas which one can choose from. Furthermore, with much advancement in education, people can groom themselves for all kinds of business options. In this article, we will guide you through 15 types of self-employment business options which are ideal for Millennials. If you are reading as a young entrepreneur you must consider these options for your business.

Finding your path to success

1.      Social Media Consultancy

For those who have a marketing background, can rightly establish their foot in the field of social media marketing. Ever since inception, social media became a rage all over the world. In this day and age, it is crucial for every business to have a visible profile on social media. So if you know the art of social media marketing, you can provide social media consultancy to people who need it. The best part about this business is it is less costly, and you can work from anywhere. This means you can save massive amounts of money on travel and commute, rent, taxes, etc.

2.      Graphic Design Service

Are you obsessed with manipulating artwork on screen? If you have hands-on experience of freelancing in this field, you can easily become self-employed overnight. Companies are always looking for top-notch graphic designers in town who can provide quality work and uniqueness. So if you have the skills to do this work, you must give it a go. Furthermore, if you choose to provide tailor-made services, you can charge an extra amount for that. Graphic designing is a booming field which has a lot of people working in it.

3.      Virtual Assistant Service

Do you like to work from home and enjoy a flexible schedule of work? If yes, virtual assistant service is one such business option you can step your foot in. In this way, you could easily be working with multiple businesses as a freelancer without having to spend on travel and commute. Virtual assistants can handle a vast array of tasks such as social media marketing, e-mail communication, and inbox management. However before you dive full throttle in this profession, you must carve a niche for yourself which you want to work in for the rest of your career.

4.      E-Commerce Sales

Are you a fan of eBay and Amazon? Do you have the drive to start your own business of E-marketing? If yes, you must consider this business option. The biggest benefit of this business idea is you won’t have to erect an entire setup for the process. All you will need is a website which can be navigated through your home and a room to manage the stock which customers need. E-commerce is a cliché business idea in the modern world but one which has a sound scope in future.

5.      Life Coaching

This is another rampantly growing business idea across the world. If you have an obsession for personal fitness training and nutritious diet plans, you can start your own life coaching business and get self-employed. Life coaches can charge a handsome amount of money from their clients and provide customized services too. Life coaching ranges from personal diet plans to intense workout techniques. Ever heard of the American Keto diet? People are paddling Keto meals to clients and earning a lot of money.

6.      Handyman Service

If you are skilled enough to perform a variety of tasks at home, you can start your own business without needing to contact an agency. The best platform to showcase your services on is social media with which you can grab a lot of clients easily. Handymen charge a handsome amount of money and provide a vast array of services to the clients. Furthermore, you can also help clients with regards to furniture and fixing electric issues in the house. If you want to know how handymen provide their services online you can google handymen in your town to see how they project their work.

7.      Markup Artistry

Once regarded as a female thing only, makeup artistry is one such profession which is blooming today with even men being a part of the bandwagon. If you know how to play with art you can use those skills to embellish people in your locality. Furthermore, you can also provide makeup artist services at your very own home without renting a place in the commercial market. All you need are important makeup accessories, one or two helpers and the skill to do the art.

8.      Child Care Service

With more men and women joining the job market every day, it becomes imperative to make sure children are taken care of back home. Though not all parents can afford a daycare center those who can, will surely not overlook your childcare center if you’re paddling good services. You can begin with zero investment and set up an entire nursery for kids at home. A childcare facility is a crucial element of society if a lot of people are working. Though it is not very common in less dense areas but very crucial in cities.

9.      Hair Styling

Gone are the days when people would only focus on their makeup, hair styling is in itself an industry now. All you need to join its bandwagon is to learn some basic styling and go with the flow. Nobody ever learns hairstyling in one go, it is the collective effort of years of training and comes after working with a lot of clients. However, if you know the art well and have one or two colleagues who are ready to work, you can open up your salon in town. Hairstyling is a vast industry in this day and age and continues to thrive.

10.  Tutoring Service

Are you fond of imparting knowledge? Are you educated and wise enough to groom kids in their studies? If yes, you can easily start your tutoring services. You will be intrigued to know tutoring services are worth millions of dollars across the world with a lot of people using the digital medium to impart their services. The best thing about this business option is you need no capital to invest and can easily work from home and even upload lectures on YouTube to earn money from them.

11.  Event Planning

If you are a marketer and can navigate great communication with people, you can take up this business idea as it is a viable option. People who have the drive to embellish places, communicate well, organize people and manage people can run event planning businesses in this day and age. However, you will need a team for this to happen. You must have a perspective on what needs to be done and should also have a team of experts who know the work.

12.  Blogging

There is a countless number of blog niches you could consider working on. If you can write well and engage people with your conversation, you can take up blogging as a work option. Doesn’t matter which part of the world you’re in, for as long as you’re paddling work to the clients, you are good to go in this business. Blogging is not just an option but the need of the hour. With a lot of businesses joining the digital medium, it becomes crucial to market the products and let the world know about them.

A young and beautiful girl treats her teeth with a dentist
A young and girl treats her teeth with a dentist

13.  Dentistry

Dentistry is one such profession which continues to be hounded by the stereotypical myths, yet continues to grow every day. So if you’re in a dental school already, you can start your clinic after graduating. The best part about this profession is, you don’t need years of experience to prove your work. If you are from California and want to see the culture of dental clinics over there you can visit one. For example, if you are from Northridge, you can google Northridge dentist to get a list of all clinics in that area.

14.  Photography Service

There’s no escape from the fact it is crucial to have a photographer for every event. Whether its marriage, baby shower, first day at school, college prom, annual party or religious festival, it becomes imperative to capture all those beautiful moments. Photography service is a smart business if you want to establish your foot in this field. However, if you want to grab a massive number of clients you will need to take help from social media to showcase your work and contact clients.

15.  Digital Product Sales

If you are interested in working in the digital medium, you could sell digital products like templates, printable and guides. Once you are done with the design, you could automatically send them to the people who need it. With this business, all you need will be a printing machine, comfortable working space, electrical plugs and the skill to design attractive templates. There are many people who provide these services from home so you can join the bandwagon too.

Lastly! It is crucial to be confident about the choice you make. Never succumb to the pressure which comes from other people around. Choose a business idea which is in coherence with your skills and abilities.

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