15 important health screenings for women


There’s nothing better than a healthy body which allows one to do everything he/she wants. When it comes to women’s health, not much emphasis is laid despite so much awareness. Apart from the routine checkup by the doctor, women must go through some important medical screenings after a certain age limit. Despite so much awareness, many women overlook their medical checkups which is why they end up getting stuck with severe diseases. In this article, we will guide you through 15 important medical checkups for women. Some of these tests should be conducted every year whereas some of them should be undergone after a certain age limit.


1.      Anemia screening

This is a very crucial test for women who are pregnant. This screening is available for free in many sectors where public hospitals are available. You will be surprised to know more than half of pregnant women are anemic due to the lack of red blood cells in the blood. During the development of the baby in the womb, many women experience lack of iron which is why they start feeling weak. So it’s a good idea to go through this screening to stay healthy. If you’re reading as an American woman and don’t want to become a mother, you can google Los Angeles abortion to get a list of all suitable doctors and discontinue pregnancy.

2.      Breast cancer mammography screening

This test is crucial for women who cross their 40’s, and those who are in their 50’s should undergo this test twice. More than 0.2 million American women suffer from mammography cancer. However, this doesn’t mean a woman should not get tested for this. It is crucial to undergo all these tests at least once a year. Women who have a family history of such cancer are very likely to suffer from it early on in their lives.

3.      Cervical cancer screening

It is imperative for sexually active women to have cervical cancer screening every two to three years up. However, the number of times which a test has to be undertaken depends on the age of a person. Thousands of women die from cervical cancer every year. Cervical cancer deaths can be reduced if women undergo regular Pap tests. Once any abnormal cells are found in the body, doctors will begin with the treatment early on. Late diagnosis of such germs is very notorious for health.

4.      Domestic violence screening

This is an interesting addition in the list here. You will be interested to know, 20 people per minute are domestically abused by their partners in the US. One in every four women experiences domestic violence by their husbands and partners. Domestic violence is a rampantly growing disease in which a woman is emotionally, physically and sexually abused. Despite so much awareness, the problem continues to rise. The aftermaths of domestic violence are injury, emotional loss, depression, suicide, etc. Psychologists and special doctors conduct this screening to know if a woman has been abused.

5.      Gestational diabetes screening

Gestational diabetes is the high blood sugar level which develops during pregnancy but disappears after the baby’s delivery. The interesting thing about this issue is it can happen at any stage of pregnancy. Women are always at a high risk of getting infested with this disease. Furthermore, women who are between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy must undergo this test to make sure they’re safe. If a doctor diagnoses the problem early, it can be resolved on time with proper medication and treatment.

6.      HIV screening

It is crucial for every woman between the ages of 15 to 65 to get an HIV test if they’re sexually active. However, even pregnant women must get this test done to make sure they’re safe. The benefit of an HIV test is to make sure the disease doesn’t get transferred from the mother to the child. If you’re sexually active and have a habit of partner swapping very often, it is crucial to get tested every few months up. The stats show American women engage with more than seven partners to have sex in their lifetime. So there’s always a risk of kissing the wrong person who’s already infected.

7.      Osteoporosis screening

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become weak and brittle. This condition is very common in older women and affects them for a long time. Women who are above 60 must undergo osteoporosis screening and bone density test every two years up. If not treated on time, the condition can get worse in the hip, spine, and wrist. Keep in mind bone is a living tissue which continues to be replaced, but if it gets infected, the rest of your life is going to become difficult.

8.      Tobacco use screening

Tobacco screening is free in many American states and women who suffer from its addiction are also provided free counseling services. Especially, expecting mothers are provided with this test free of cost. Tobacco screening consist of a patient going through all the checks in which one is also asked about the routine of smoking and test is done in which the level of tobacco or whatever the compound is identified with a certain limit in the blood.

9.      Breast cancer genetic test counseling

If you have a family history of breast cancer, you must get yourself tested every two years up. Even young women are vulnerable to getting this disease if they have a strong connection with this issue within their family. It is also acknowledged as ovarian cancer and consumed the lives of more than 0.5 million women every year. Once you get tested and diagnosed, the medical practitioner will begin the treatment and provide suitable medication.

10.  Breast cancer chemoprevention

You must discuss the issue with your trainer during the treatment. The diagnosis of breast cancer is one part, and the selection of the right treatment is the other. Your plan will cover your breast cancer medication if you have it in your plan. There are currently 2 FD approved drugs which are pivotal to this treatment. They lower the risk of breast cancer however the test will identify if the body can take the side effects of them. However, if you have a family history of breast cancer, these drugs will lower the risk.

11.  Screening for sexually transmitted infections

It is common for sexually active people to get stuck with a lot of sexually transmitted diseases. As explained, an average American woman engages with more than seven partners in her life which means there is a high risk of getting infected with diseases which the other person might be having. Even a simple kiss can transmit many harmful bacteria from one person to the other. For sexually active women, the state finances the tests which cover chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea.

12.  Folic acid supplements

Though this is not a test directly, crucial for women who have either given birth or are pregnant. During the development stage of the child in the womb, many women suffer from chaotic issues in the body. The lack of iron causes weakness, and in severe cases, a woman might suffer from miscarriage too. Therefore women must get tested to check if their body can take folic acid supplements which are crucial for their health.

13.  Hepatitis B screening

Hepatitis B is a silent killer which curtails the lives of many women every year. Expecting mothers must undergo this test because the disease can easily get transferred from the mother to the child during pregnancy. So if you get tested and results are positive, your baby will be given proper medication after he/she is born to curtail the disease in that tiny body. Hepatitis B screening is free in most US states by the government.

14.  Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a silent killer and murders many people every year. The shocking fact about this issue is it is common in young people too. The common reasons for high blood pressure are obesity, stress, anxiety, less water intake, frequent mood changes, etc. So if you’ve already crossed your 30’s you must get your blood pressure checked. Some women often overlook this issue which is why their babies get born prematurely. High blood pressure can cause head stroked, sudden cardiac arrest and kidney failure which is why it is better to get tested on time.

15.  Urinary Tract or infection screening

It is common for pregnant women to have infections in their urine, especially when there’s a change in the urine color. However not any common woman will be able to tell if she has a urine infection. Midwives and doctors can tell from the color of the urine if there is an infection. Urinary infection is dangerous and can cause pain the vagina if not checked on time. Such tests are performed by trained doctors and are conducted discreetly.


Lastly, it is crucial to take care of the entire body to have a healthy life. Women anyways have a tough life to live and have the responsibility of channeling life through their bodies. So it is crucial to make sure you go through all the tests mentioned above as a woman.

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