Five countries where online gambling is fully legal

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Online gambling is gaining traction worldwide and the number of countries that have legalized this activity is constantly growing. There are a few nations who refuse to even consider the possibility of creating a legal environment for their residents. However, they represent a shrinking minority and the trend is clearly towards fully legalizing and regulating online gambling. You can read some trusted reviews here. These five nations listed below have made gambling fully legal and they lead by example.

The United Kingdom

Gambling is legal in the UK and the authority in charge of monitoring the market is the UK GC. Those who want to apply for a license here and cater to the local audience will need to abide by the strict rules imposed by the Commission. The level of scrutiny that involves the licensing of an online casino and the fact that operators are monitored in the long run, has a deterring effect on dishonest operators. The United Kingdom is an excellent example for other nations who consider legalizing online gambling, without jeopardizing the security of their players. Because of the sheer size of the UK gambling market, there is no shortage of international operators willing to play by the strict rules imposed by the Commission.


Japan is an oasis of gambling entertainment in the Far East, where many nations have imposed strict bans on gambling. This country regulates the industry carefully and makes sure that those who choose to play online casino games can do so safely. Underage gambling is prohibited and online casinos must apply for a license before they can provide Japanese punters with access to their games.


Germany is the biggest European country and its strongest economies, so there’s a lot of money available for online gambling. German law is very strict when it comes to regulating online gambling. In certain states, this activity has been fully regulated and those who gamble here enjoy the predictability needed to thrive in this competitive industry. Online operators who are not headquartered in Germany also accept players from this country, so the gaming options are numerous.


Gambling has been legal in Spain since 2011 and the unified legislation makes it easy for prospective casinos and bookmakers to apply for a license. Gaming is regulated on a federal level and there are certain rules that local political units impose to casinos and bookmakers. Overall, Spanish players enjoy an excellent environment and can play at the many operators licensed by the Spanish Gaming Act.


Millions of French people gamble online, some of them at casinos with the headquarters within the national boundaries, while others prefer international operators. Some of the most popular casino games, such as roulette were invented in France, so it comes as no surprise that locals love gambling. The 2010 French Gambling Act has legalized online gambling and the Regulatory Authority for Online Games is the one in charge of keeping the market fair and transparent.

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