Merco Bank Hosts 2019 Coding Challenge


The 2019 Technology coding challenge hosted by Merco bank brought great minds together, developing amazing ideas.

The contest saw hundreds of talented programmers compete for a cash prize of $100,000. The event took place at the Queen Mary University of London, in the U.K. It was the first of its kind. The contest aimed at improving financial constraints in the banking sector and finding the best ways to implement advancements in blockchain technology in banking.

The competition came in different stages and the participants needed to code their way to the final stage of the competition in order to claim the grand prize. The fun part is that all participants were allowed to use their own computers allowing them to work in an environment they are most familiar with. Also, for the programmers to be at their best which why there were no restrictions on operating systems, development tools, or programming platforms

Benefits:  Winners go home with a cash prize of $100,000 for first place, $50,000 for second place, $25,000 for third place. And there are also lots of other reward benefits for participants.

Eligible to Participate:

  • Applicant who are 18 years old before September 2019
  • Programmers with good knowledge of essential programming languages like C#, C++, Python, Java, and so on.
  • Applicants who are in the U.K. or would be in the U.K. for the competition

Aim of the Competition:  The Coding Contest was one of its kind; it provided a platform for programmers to showcase their talents on a big stage. The programmers will have the opportunity to create history, provide solutions to different puzzles that relate to different financial sectors while also sorting out viable ways to implement blockchain technology in banking.

Lotte Gruber, Merco Banks managing director commented at the event, He said “Merco Bank has always recognized the importance and benefits of blockchain technology. An innovative Bank like ours is constantly looking for smart ways to develop and stay track with technological trends which is why this competition is very essential for the growth of both the bank and the programmers who are here today.”


“Merco Bank has adopted blockchain innovation to help proffer solutions to complex cost and operational challenges. Blockchain technology comes with so many financial and technological benefits and we are taking the front seat in adopting the innovative nature of blockchain. The winners of this Coding Contest will not only win a cash prize but would also be part of a historical adventure that would improve banks.” He added.

Blockchain Technology is gradually being adopted in the world today. Many banks, companies, and industries came to know more about blockchain technology and its rapid growth due to the rise of bitcoin. Blockchain technology ensures that data and different records are well protected secured, fast, and without any central governing authority.

By adopting this type of technology in the banking sector, transactions will be carried out faster and more secured. It will also ensure increased access to capital, create higher data security, enforce trustless agreements through smart contracts, make compliance smoother, and more.

Merco Bank is an innovative firm leading the way in the banking and financial industry, the brand provides many digital investment packages for clients around the globe. Investors are provided with digital investment solutions which expose them to the new asset class through traditional financial products that are fully embedded in their existing banking setup.

We ensure all investments are safe because we know how hard your work for your money.

The Coding Contest is one of the many strategies the brand adopting to ensure we adopt the latest technologies that help protect you from fraud, online predators, and security breaches.

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